Arrowhead Agility Drill Test for Measuring Agility

Posted by Kang Ikal on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Arrowhead Agility Drill Test for Measuring Agility. This article will discuss about agility tests. After previously been posted 2 kinds of agility tests namely illinois agility test and balsom agility test, the next agility test is Arrowhead Agility Drill Test to Measure Agility.

This test measures the agility of athletes, especially body control and change of direction, commonly used to test soccer players. This test is part of the rating battery for SPARQ (Speed, Power Agility, Reaction and Quickness) soccer.

Implementation Procedure Arrowhead Agility Drill Test for Measuring Agility

Arrowhead Agility Drill Test for Measuring Agility 
Purpose of the test: This test is to test speed, muscle explosive power, body control and ability to change direction.

Equipment required: stopwatch and cone

Implementation of the test: Cone arranged in accordance with the picture beside. The player starts this test with the legs behind the cone start line, when there is a player start command runs from cone start to cone A, then moves to the right ie to cone D proceeds to cone B keeps returning to the finish line. The movement pattern is like an arrow bow, the player moves right twice and left 2 times.

Scoring: The best time of 3 times doing. Time units used are seconds with 2 decimal places behind the comma.

The results have been made: US Decathlete Bryan Clay gets 15.49 seconds in this test on SPARQ system (published in SPARQ magazine, Year 2008).

Target Test: Used for soccer players. Can be used also for the dominant sports agility.

Key tests: Mastery technique and coordination

That's an articles about Arrowhead Agility Drill Test for Measuring Agility, may be useful for readers as well. Thanks.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017