Fitness Training Program with Weight Training to Improve Fitness

Monday, April 23, 2018

Fitness Training Program with Weight Training to Improve Fitness

Fitness Training Program with Weight Training to Improve Fitness. One type of fitness and popular training program that proves to be effective in shaping the muscles of the body and providing a denser and better sculpted body structure is a weight training program. There are a variety of weight training programs developed and designed by fitness professional trainers to deliver planned practice in an effective and maximum way.

If you want to try an training program. You can go to the gym for a special program that suits your body type and your age. You can also consult a fitness expert or fitness trainer to help develop a weight training program can be done at home without the need to purchase expensive training equipment.
Fitness Training Program with Weight Training to Improve Fitness
Simple tools such as barbells and dumbbells are effective enough to exercise well and effectively. In addition to adjustable time schedule exercise using barbells and dumbbells can be done at home that can save a lot of money than buying expensive equipment, gym membership fees, coach fees and travel expenses to the gym.

Weight training programs are widely known to provide many benefits to individuals who perform this type of exercise. This type of exercise includes extensive and explosive exercises that can increase the body's metabolism and burn a lot of fat, thus improving the cardiovascular system of the body.

Through this weight training program, heart problems and diseases can be prevented such as heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Exercise includes not only strengthening the muscles of the body but also helps develop posture and body balance, thus preventing bone-related problems such as osteoporosis.

There are weight training programs designed to improve specific body parts but can also be combined together to form effective and efficient exercise programs to develop the whole body.

Everyone has different body structure and needs. So to ensure safety and avoid injury, the best way before choosing a weight training program that suits your condition is to consult a fitness professional. The point is to help you design a special weight training program that suits your body's capacity.

Example of a Fitness Training Program with Weight Training to Improve Fitness

Here is an example of a weight training program summarized from various sources that anyone can do at home using only simple tools such as dumbbells.

Monday - Aimed at strengthening and repairing the chest muscles and abdominal area. Weight training includes the dumbbell bench press movement for the chest and crunches for the abdomen.
dumbbell bench press
Wednesday - Focus on strengthening and tightening of shoulder muscles and back muscles. Pull-ups and one-arm dumbbell rows for back muscles and dumbbells laterally to form shoulder muscles.
dumbbell laterall
Friday - Intended to improve and strengthen biceps and triceps. For biceps, Standing Dumbbell Curl and Seated Dumbbell Curl. For triceps, tricep extension above.
standing dumbbell curl
Sunday - Intended to develop and strengthen leg muscles such as by doing squat exercises, foot presses and dumbbell lunges.

That's a weight training program you can do at home just by using a dumbbell or barbell load. This weight training program is also designed to maintain and improve the quality of body fitness so you can avoid the various risk factors for diseases originating from hypokinetic (less mobile).

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