Failed to Get Six Pack?, It's the Cause

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Failed to Get Six Pack?, It's the Cause

Failed to Get Six Pack?, It's the Cause. failed to get a six pack stomach is the following post which will discuss about some of the causes. We've been training regularly even buying special supplements and dieting, but still our stomach is not a sixpack. What's wrong? Are our exercises less supportive of sixpack stomach formation? Are the supplements that we consume less effect on our bodies? or a strict diet that we do wrong ?. These questions may be in our minds, thus making us desperate to do the exercises.

Before blaming the exercises, supplements and diets we have done, it's good we listened to some of the reasons why our stomach does not become a sixpack even though we've been trying hard to get a sixpack stomach. It's good we look at some information related to the title of this post.

4 Causes of Failure to Get Six Pack Abdomen

1. The amount of fat in our stomach

The only way to show off our sixpack stomach is to lower our body fat levels. Do not have the thought that just by exercising your abdominal muscles our body fat levels become down, because to decrease body fat content the activity must involve the whole body to move.

Some of us may already have a hard stomach muscle and sixpack-shaped but not seen sixpack because of the large pile of fat above our abdominal muscles. Many of us think that with as many sit-ups as possible, can make our stomach muscles into six packs. This is not true, because the fat in our abdominal muscles will not burn with just sit ups. Apart from exercise, we also have to control the food we eat.
Failed to Get Six Pack?, It's the Cause

2. Vary Abdominal Exercises

Some of us may see the abdominal muscles as a form of muscle, but our abdominal muscles consist of various muscles that make up our abdominal muscles into a single muscle. The stomach wall we want in the form of a sixpack is called the rectus abdominus, in addition to rectus abdominus muscles are internal and external obligues abdominus.

The collection of abdominal muscles mentioned keeps our body stability from the movement of flexion, extension and rotation. If we just do sit-up exercises continuously, we will not train each part of the abdominal muscles. Our stomach muscles need to be trained with a variety of movements for our stomach not just sit-ups, so that all parts of our abdominal muscles are trained. For example variations of our abdominal exercises, we can do plank, crisscross, heel touch, flutter kicks and jack knife.

3. Forcing Exercises

The next point is we are too impose our desire to quickly get a sixpack stomach. Continuous weight training we do, will not have a positive impact on our abdominal muscles, will instead make the muscles do not develop. Our stomach muscles need to rest from heavy workout loads to restore the biochemical structures of our abdominal muscles.

4. Focused Only Abdominal Exercises

In our minds may, when wanting to get a sixpack stomach always assume should be focused to train the abdominal muscles just by ignoring the muscles in other body parts. This is what makes our stomach muscles do not go in the form of a sixpack. We can not burn the fat that blocks our stomach muscles with only the exercises centered on the abdominal muscles. Our fats can not be set or choose which part of the fat is burned, but depending on the body burn fat by itself according to the process of metabolism.

The effort we can do is to do a thorough exercise on every part of the body, not just on the abdomen only. The key is to consistently do a thorough exercise to burn our body fat. Exercise that we do may be months or even years to be able to form a sixpack stomach. Do not forget also to adjust our food menu. Because, through the food we eat the more help to accelerate the maximum results.

Well, that's some information about the causes that interfere with our sixpack abdominal formation exercise program. Hopefully can be useful for us all readers, and do not forget to read my other articles. thanks.