Compilation of Speed and Power Evaluation Tests

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Compilation of Speed and Power Evaluation Tests

Speed and power evaluation tests. It is important to remember that the improvement of running speed is a complex process which is controlled by the brain and nervous system.

In order for a runner to move more quickly, the leg muscles must contract more quickly, but the brain and nervous systems also have to learn to control these faster movements efficiently.
Compilation of Speed and Power Evaluation Tests
If you maintain some form of speed training throughout the year, your muscles and nervous system do not loose the feel of moving fast and the brain will not have to re-learn the proper control patterns at a later date.

Power is a measure of force being applied at speed and therefore is a fitting commodity in the majority of sports requiring fast dynamic movements such as sprinting, jumping, throwing, weightlifting and most field sports.

Speed and power evaluation tests
The following are examples of speed and power tests:
• 10 stride test
• 400 meter drop off test

Reference: Brian Mackenzie, 2005. 101 Performance Evaluation Test