Physical Fitness Test (Strength, Endurance, Speed and Power, Flexibility)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Physical Fitness Test (Strength, Endurance, Speed and Power, Flexibility)

There are many physical fitness tests to measure how physically fit you are. These tests will measure you're ability for strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and power. Here are a few of the more popular tests.

Strength Tests

One rep max - Use for any lift to test strength
Sit up test - Core strength
Push up test - Strength and endurance
Physical Fitness Test (Strength, Endurance, Speed and Power, Flexibility)

Endurance Tests

Balke 15 minute run - Measure VO2 max
Cooper 12 minute run - Measure VO2 max
Shuttle run - Aerobic power for multi-sprint sports

Speed and Power Tests

30 meter sprint - Measures power
Illinois agility test - Multi-sprint sports
Standing long jump - Explosive power
Standing vertical jump - Explosive power
Hexagon drill - Test to measure agility, balance and quickness

Flexibility Tests

Sit and reach - Measures lower back and hamstring flexibility
Trunk rotation
Groin flexibility

These are great tests to see how you measure up in certain areas and to see where you need to improve. Each sport consists of different movements and different muscle fitness requirements. So before you start measuring every test on the list, try to break down your sport in to it's more specific movements.

Soccer will benefit from speed and power while runners will benefit more from endurance and wrestlers could benefit from strength tests.

Before you start any test make sure you stretch and warm up properly. To increase you abilities on a specific test, focus on the type of fitness required. Lift heavy weights for strength, sprint for speed and power, and run for endurance.

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