Heart Rate Monitor Review - Polar F7 Vs Polar RS300x for Fitness Test

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heart Rate Monitor Review - Polar F7 Vs Polar RS300x for Fitness Test

A fitness heart rate monitor represents an electronic device which a person can strap to a wrist and that has the main function to monitor and display the beat rate of the heart of the person who uses it. There are more than a few fitness heart rate monitor devices currently available on the market and you should choose the one that is appropriate for you according to your objectives and aims.

Polar Fitness Heart Monitor

Polar is widely known as one of the leaders in fitness heart monitors. It was established in Finland in the 1970s and it was always one step ahead when it comes to innovative technology and new products. This is the main reason Polar is a leading brand for consumers, personal trainers and coaches all over the world and people use it for monitoring the performances as well as for achieving their daily fitness goals.

Polar F7 Heart Monitor
The Polar F7 heart monitor comes packed with numerous innovative features that will help the user to achieve the exercise goals. Polar F7 fitness heart rate monitor is a very reliable and stylish watch that is extremely suitable for womens' wrists. The most important function of this Polar heart monitor is the checking of the daily condition of the body and offers you a properly intense workout, for the reason that people would benefit from different types and lengths of workouts on various days.

On the other hand, it is certain that the watch has several other interesting functions. It includes an audible and visible feature of displaying the heart beat which shows the target heart zone. This feature is called Zone Pointer. Another interesting feature is the Polar Own Cal function that can track the amount of energy you lose during a session of exercises and the kilocalories you've accumulated during the week at the same time. This is very helpful for setting both short and long term exercise goals.

Own Zone and Own Code are two exclusive Polar features that this fitness heart monitor offers you besides all the traditional functions as well, including measuring your heart rate and calculating the number of calories you burn in one exercise session.
Heart Rate Monitor Review - Polar F7 Vs Polar RS300x for Fitness Test
Polar Rs300x Heart Monitor
RS300X heart monitor watch is another example as to why Polar is one of the leaders in the industry of monitoring the exercise performance. This is one of the most popular Polar heart monitors and it is considered an elite model, because it has some particularly notable features. This fitness heart rate monitor shows your heart rates as a percentage of the maximum rate which is extremely important for monitoring the efficiency of your exercises.

The Polar RS300X records your last sixteen exercises and this record can last for more than four training months. This is a feature that will help you evaluate the generally effectiveness of the exercises you are practicing. It is also equipped with a fitness test that can determine your aerobic fitness; this test is very similar to the oxygen uptake test.

When it comes to choosing a fitness heart rate monitor, the Polar heart monitors could be one of the best choices you can make. They offer you both reliability and precision. By choosing a Polar model, you can be sure you will always be in control of your fitness exercises and the results as well.

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