5 Reasons to Do Pilates Exercises Regularly

Friday, January 26, 2018

5 Reasons to Do Pilates Exercises Regularly

5 Reasons to Do Pilates Exercises Regularly. What is Pilates? This is one of the exercise forms, developed by Joseph Pilates. Its aim is to emphasize the balanced development of one's body through flexibility, core strength, as well as awareness. Pilates is somehow similar to yoga, but it develops much more - strength, muscular endurance, balance, good posture, coordination, etc.

Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits ever is the fact Pilates moves engage the whole body, and, aiming at strengthening one muscle, you stretch another. What you really need is a lot of concentration, as it is not enough simply to go through a number of motions like on gym equipment. So, what are the main reasons to practice Pilates? What are the benefits of exercising in this way?
5 Reasons to Do Pilates Exercises Regularly
1. No Back Pain
Back injuries, postural deviations and herniated disks cause much discomfort and pain. Muscle tightness, weak muscle tone and sedentary lifestyle add to the above mentioned conditions and at times it seems that no pills or massages can help. However, Pilates has proved its efficiency in cases of chronic back pain. Starting with simple moves, you soon can proceed to more difficult ones, thus eliminating back pain and the discomfort it causes.

2. Energy Increase
Is it possible to increase energy levels with Pilates? For many people it seems strange, BUT the more person exercises, the more energy he/she has and the more he/she feels like doing. What do Pilates exercises contribute? They get the breath, as well as circulation moving, stimulate the muscles and spine, and provide the entire body with positive feelings one gets, when exercising the whole body.

3. Weight Loss + Long and Lean Appearance
Is that what you've been aiming at? Then you should try Pilates! It helps to improve joint movement and flexibility. Besides, today it is even regarded to as one of the most beneficial features in relation to this sort of exercise.

Start with a basic program, which is designed to sculpt and tone the body, thus to help to lose weight. The basic program includes the combination of a series of controlled movements. These simple movements manage to shape and long lean muscles, not triggering unwanted bulk. Unlike in cases with other exercise programs or diet plans, Pilates does not stress one's body and leads to positive results pretty soon.

What's important? - Practicing on a regular basis. Only regular exercising will change your body, creating a leaner look and long, strong muscles. In addition, you will manage to improve muscle tone, support beautiful posture, balance musculature and move with grace and ease. This is how you're going to feel fit.

4. Muscle Balance
Balance between length and strength is perhaps the main reason why people choose Pilates sessions. This is especially important for runners due to the fact they are indulged into a repetitive activity. Body awareness is the first thing that comes from Pilates.

Pilates enables one's body to recruit muscles with minimum energy expenditure, which is very important during long runs.

5. Body & Mind Connection
When Joseph Pilates was working on creating a new sort of exercising, he was insistent that Pilates meant the complete coordination between three major factors: body, spirit and mind. Pilates exercising provides complete attention to every movement, instructing one's brain to center oneself, release tension, control movement, as well as breath with flow and precision.

And these are the major reasons why people all around the world are fond of Pilates. Now it is your turn to start exercising to improve body shape, strength and balance.

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