Weight Loss Trick to Burn Belly Fat First and Best Time to Eat Carbs to Prevent Belly Fat

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Weight Loss Trick to Burn Belly Fat First and Best Time to Eat Carbs to Prevent Belly Fat

Weight Loss Trick to Burn Belly Fat First and Best Time to Eat Carbs to Prevent Belly Fat. If you have been overweight for a long time or you have a past filled with yo-yo dieting, then you may be finding it very easy to gain belly fat and very hard to burn it off. Being overweight for a long time, eating a diet high in processed foods, and putting your body through the ups and downs of multiple diets can spell disaster for your metabolism. But, with a few strategic tricks you can teach your body to burn belly fat first when it needs energy.

The Carbs Trick to Prevent Belly Fat

The trick to keep in mind is that you don't want to completely cut out carbs, but you do want to cycle them. Have you ever noticed that Hollywood stars and fitness models stay lean and cut all year round? Do you think they get this way by following a diet that they clipped out of a magazine? Not a chance.

These famous few have trainers that understand the secrets to getting the body to burn fat for energy. One of the tricks that is now available to everyone is cycling carbohydrates, as opposed to cutting them out completely.

Low carb diets do make the body burn fat because you are not feeding your body carbs, which is your body's top choice for energy. However, it does not take long on a low carb diet for your body to get the signal that something was wrong.
Weight Loss Trick to Burn Belly Fat First and Best Time to Eat Carbs to Prevent Belly Fat
You know what I mean if you ever stayed on a low carb diet for more than a week because your weight loss slows down dramatically. This is because your body puts the brakes on your fat-burning hormone called leptin. It drops leptin production in order to keep you from starving to death. So instead of burning fat, after a week of low carbing it you are not burning any fat and your brain is in a fog.

Carb cycling allows you to eat carbs at strategic times during the week to keep your fat burning leptin levels high. This keeps your body burning fat all day and all week. You also get the benefit of feeling great because you are giving the body what it needs to keep the metabolism high.

There are many parts to carb cycling, but the easiest to start with is having one "Cheat Meal" a week. This one meal should be high in your favorite carbs. This one meal convinces your body that all is okay, which returns your fat-burning hormone, leptin, to maximum levels. When leptin is high your body targets stored fat, such as in the belly for energy. It also gives you a much needed mental relief so you are able to stick with your diet long term.

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Best Times To Eat Carbs To Prevent Belly Fat

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation in the diet world because they are easily converted to belly fat. But the truth is that your body runs best on carbs and turns to them as the primary source of energy. By shifting the time of day that you eat carbs you will allow your body to use them for energy, not store them as belly fat.

The trick is to eat carbohydrates at times of the day when it is easy for your body to turn them into stored energy. By doing this you work with your body and boost your body's natural fat burning potential.

Three times of the day to eat carbs to avoid belly fat:
1. A good time to eat carbohydrates is in the morning. This is a time of day when your body takes a natural metabolic jump and also a time when your body is at a peak of insulin sensitivity. What this means for you is that carbohydrates that you eat at this time have a better chance of being shuttled into energy storage within your muscles and liver, and less of a chance to be shuttled into your fat cells.

2. A better time to eat carbs is a few hours before a workout. By feeding your body carbohydrates, you provide a readily available source of energy. Therefore, your body is more likely to turn these carbs into energy and not store them in your midsection as belly fat.

3. The best time to eat carbs is right after strenuous exercise. When you work out, especially when you do exercises that use your large muscles, you deplete glycogen, which is stored energy within the muscles. By working out doing a physically demanding routine, or by lifting weights and doing resistance exercises you drain your muscles and any carbs you eat after the workout get soaked up by your muscles like a sponge to restock glycogen.

There is nothing wrong with watching your carbohydrate intake while you work to lose belly fat, but if you cut your carbs too severely you will end up fighting against your fat-burning hormones. Sticking strictly low carb will also stimulate cravings and leave you feeling drained.

By shifting the times you eat carbs and eating them at times when your body can best turn them into stored energy you will find that you can eat and enjoy carbohydrates without growing your belly.

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