The Understanding of High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] as Amazing Workout to Increase Vo2max

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Understanding of High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] as Amazing Workout to Increase Vo2max

The Understanding of High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] as Amazing Workout to Increase Vo2max. High Intensity Interval Training is a cardio exercise program that is designed with a characteristic challenge. With rehearsal interspersed, activity characteristics are aerobic with high intensity to very high intensity (maximum capacity 80-90%). Each exercise is followed by a low to moderate intensity with a working-ratio interval with rest being 1: 1/3. This exercise provides greater health and fitness benefits, than traditional low intensity programs (Hoeger, 2014).

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardio exercise that uses a combination of high intensity exercise with moderate or low intensity over a period of time. HIIT exercise is one of the aerobic exercises to burn calories and increase strength, endurance, and physical fitness.

This interval training is performed at a high interval of 4 - 30 minutes for cardiovascular exercise, then performed alternately with low intensity exercise. Servings performing high intensity exercises and low intensity exercises should be done with the same time range (Barlett, 2013).
Understanding High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] as Amazing Workout to Increase Vo2max

Purpose High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training can use high intensity run, which is interspersed with walking as its low intensity. This causes the body to effectively form and use energy derived from the anaerobic system.

The addition of intervals helps the removal of metabolism from the muscles during periods of rest, during high intensity interval exercises performed by the body. This change of exercise period in turn, helps the body increase volume in consuming oxygen during exercise at maximum volume and capacity (VO2max) during exercise (Kolt, 2007).

According to the American College of Sports Medicine states that oxygen is used more during high-intensity interval training than non-interval exercise.

Metabolic rate increases for 90 minutes up to 24 hours after high-intensity interval training sessions. Increased metabolism due to the body burns fat and calories quickly.
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High-intensity exercise spur the heart's work harder so that oxygen consumption increases, which means the body's metabolism also increases, so more fat is used to burn into energy.

In addition to increased metabolism when we do the exercise, our metabolism increases when we rest, this is known as Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) or metabolic rate when we rest for 24 hours after doing high-intensity interval training (Kafiz, 2014).

Just like other aerobic exercises, this high-intensity interval exercise improves muscle cell function, burns fat and increases oxygen capacity in the lungs. A high-intensity interval exercise for 30 minutes equals 90 minutes of low intensity exercise. So high intensity interval training takes less time to achieve the fitness benefits (Hoeger, 2014).

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