The Ultimate Explanation of Volleyball Sports

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Ultimate Explanation of Volleyball Sports

The Ultimate Explanation of Volleyball Game. The game of volleyball is one type of sports game that continues to grow and is well known and liked by the public. This can be seen by the number of inter-club matches held at the local level up to the national level.

3 Interesting Thing of Volleyball Sport

If we observe the development of this volleyball from time to time is always increasing. This is due to:
  1. Volleyball sports can be a recreational sport for everyone with an incredible mass base;
  2. Volleyball can be a spectacular, exciting and exciting spectator sport;
  3. Volleyball is suitable for children. The development of this sport in school and outside the school will be able to attract teenagers.
Thus the future of volleyball sports development will remain bright, its popularity will continue to increase.

In addition to the above 3 things, volleyball game is easy to do and the tool used is not many kinds, in accordance with the typical game of sports volleyball.
The Ultimate Explanation of Volleyball Sports

The Definitions of Volleyball Sports

The game of volleyball is a team sport played by two squads in each field with a net separated. The goal of volleyball is that each team passes the ball regularly (well) over the net until the ball touches the floor (dead) in the opposite area, and prevents the ball being missed from touching the floor in its own field.

The position of the ball at the start of play is on the right rear row player. He served, striking the ball over the net to the opponent's field. Each team is entitled to play the ball 3 times a reflection or touch (except the time to block back) to return it to the opposite area. A player (except the container) is not allowed to play (hit) the ball 2 times in a row.

Players play the ball in the air regularly until the ball touches the floor, ball out or a team returns the ball well. In a volleyball game, only the team that is serving a score (except in the deciding set). If the receiving team wins the ball it will take a service turn (in the determination set also gets one digit) and each player shifts one position clockwise.

The game of volleyball is a team game where it involves more than one player. For example, beach volleyball from two players per team, international system volleyball each team consists of six players.

The principle of volleyball is quite simple, ie play the ball before the ball touches the field floor. While the goal is to win the game by turning off the ball in the opponent's area and keep the ball does not fall in the field itself.

Thus it is clear that this volleyball game is quite simple and does not require much equipment. However, every team must have players who have adequate technique, physical, tactical and mental, and good cooperation between players.

For this game to play well, each player of each team must have the skills in playing the ball and good cooperation. The skill of playing the ball and the good cooperation is necessary to win the game.
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Individual ball play skills are meaningless if they are not combined with good teamwork among team members. The occurrence of cooperation between players in a game allows the team to win the game. This means the principle of cooperation between players is needed in the game of volleyball. Therefore, every player must have an attitude of tolerance, mutual trust, and willing to sacrifice to keep the cohesiveness of the team.

That is The Ultimate Explanation of Volleyball Sports. Hopefully can be additional knowledge for all readers. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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