Handle Muscle Injuries Using Cold Therapy, Do not Use Heat Therapy

Monday, October 9, 2017

Handle Muscle Injuries Using Cold Therapy, Do not Use Heat Therapy

Handle Muscle Injuries Using Cold Therapy, Do not Use Heat Therapy. Sports medicine article this time, will discuss the myths of internal muscle injury when exercising, especially when muscle injury due to impact or muscle attracted such as strains and so on. We may have heard or experienced a collision in muscle, or muscle attracted by sudden and instantaneous movement but no external bleeding, then rubbed by a balm or other therapeutic therapy or other medications that have a thermal sensation in our muscles.

Body Mechanism When There is Stimulated by Heat and Cold Temperatures

I try to explain a little about the mechanism of the body when there is stimulation of heat and cold temperatures in our bodies. In our body there is a mechanism called vasoconstriction and vasodilation, the mechanism will emerge depending on the temperature stimulation in our body. When do vasoconstriction and vasodilation occur?.
Handle Muscle Injuries Using Cold Therapy, Do not Use Heat Therapy
Vasoconstriction is the shrinking of parts of the body when it gets cold stimulation. Small example, when we are in cold temperatures then our skin pores close and our blood vessels shrink, so there is no expenditure of sweat when we are still in cold temperatures, the effect usually is we often urinate because the discharge of fluid is not helped through the skin pores.

Vasodilation is the widening of our body parts due to heat stimulation. Examples such as when we are still in hot temperatures, whether in a room or in the field. So the pores of our body widen and by itself will sweat because our body temperature has exceeded its normal limit. So the blood that has the function to stabilize body temperature, run its role through the evaporation process or evaporation in the form of sweat, blood vessels will also be widened so that the blood flow will be faster.

The Question:
Is It Really With Drugs like Balm etc., Which Could Give Warm Sensation Can Accelerate Healing Muscle Injury?

From the above explanation, we try to connect with the title of this article. When a muscle injury occurs either through clash or muscle attracted by sudden movement, whether in a small muscle or a large muscle in the absence of an external injury, then in our muscles a capillary vessel breaks out.

Capillary blood vessels are small blood vessels present in our muscle tissue and serve as a distributor of nutrients, oxygen, and hampers to body parts. Because of the breaking of blood vessels, the blood that should be in the path of the capillary vessels out of the path. So get into the surrounding tissues, the fluid that comes out is also called exudate fluid.

When it has broken capillary blood vessels, then the solution is to block the bleeding out of the capillary. In order not too much blood into the surrounding tissues and minimize the occurrence of swelling.

How?, we use our body mechanism in the form Vasokontriksi, we automatically use something that colds, such as ice cubes. Ice cubes are wrapped in cloth or inserted into icepack and then attached to the muscle that is injured for 5 minutes, then lift the ice cubes for 5 minutes, next put again for 5 minutes. The ice cementing process is done within the first 24 hours after an injury.

What if we rub with a balm or other medicines that have a warm sensation ?. So what happens is vasodilatation, the occurrence of dilated capillary blood vessels and stimulate blood flow faster. So that will cause enormous swelling.
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When do we use Balm or Drugs Which has a Heat Sensation?

Balm and heating medicines and even massage can be used to restore muscle injury after the first 24 hours of cold therapy using ice cubes.

It is assumed that after 24 hours of using ice cementing, the broken capillary blood vessels due to the injury had reconnected. The use of a balm as a follow-up action is to accelerate blood capillary confinement and accelerate the decomposition of traumatic effusion (the effect of muscle injury).

Now you already know how should we when getting a muscle injury due to a collision or sudden movement that makes our muscles feel pain.

That's the article about Handle Muscle Injuries Using Cold Therapy, Do not Use Heat Therapy. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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