8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis

Monday, October 23, 2017

8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis

8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis. Fitness article this time will discuss Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis that disturb our bone health. Among the bone diseases that can attack our bones is osteoporosis. Basically physical exercise or commonly we call sports, the goal is just for preventive action (prevention) only. How exactly physical activity can really help to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis?.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone state that has been brittle due to age. Physical activity to prevent osteoporosis is very simple to do, does not require special tools. Activities such as jumping, balance, flexibility, etc.

Exercise to prevent Osteoporosis

1. Jumping

8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis - jumping
Jumping is a very simple physical activity that helps build bones. Just a few minutes jump every day can have tremendous benefits. When we have more power, we can jump higher or even jump on one leg. The moves that can be used are single leg hop (jump one leg), double leg hop (jump on two legs). We can combine like using a rope tool.

2. Balance

8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis - balance exercise
Balance exercises are essential for strengthening bones. A good balance can make it stable and not easy to fall which can cause fractures. Do balance exercises like Tai Chi, or stand on one leg. Lots of balance activities that can be done by us. Exercise static balance (just standing on one leg without movement). Dynamic Balance Exercise (the balance that goes with when we move).

3. Weight Training

weight training
Doing weight training in the gym can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. This is because our bones will be stimulated to improve their quality because the muscles (as active motion devices) continue to contract while doing weight training. Automatically when the muscle works, the bone will adjust its density because it is in line with the development of our muscle mass. Resistance training such as weightlifting is a good step for bone and muscle strength. For this exercise, you can use a load that can be held or bound.

4. Calf Raises

calf raises
The next activity may be considered the simplest and we do not think it can prevent osteoporosis, the activity is called calf raises. How to do it is put both hands in the back seat to maintain balance. Now, lift your heels (tiptoe). Hold this position for a minute and then lower the heel slowly.

5.  Knee Flexing

Use a chair to hold both your hands. Bend one knee on the same leg then slowly pull back. Keep one leg straight. Then slowly return to its original position and do the turns on the other leg.

6. Hip Extension Hip Extension

Put your hands on the chair to keep the balance. Rather bend forward and slowly lift one foot back but still straight. Lift as high as you can and keep your balance. Hold down and lower your legs. Repeat the same movement on the other foot.

7. Hip Flexion

Hip Flexion
Stand on board with one foot (use left foot). Raise your right leg at the knee of your left foot. Hold your hips by hand and try to strike a balance. Do the same movements on the other legs.

8. Lateral leg liftLateral leg lift

Put both hands behind the chair to maintain a better balance. Lift one leg slowly to the side while still keeping the knee straight. Lift as high as you can and hold it while maintaining balance. Lower slowly and repeat this movement with the other foot.

That's the article about 8 Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. thanks.