70 Variations of HIIT Cardio Workout to Burn Fat at Home

Thursday, October 19, 2017

70 Variations of HIIT Cardio Workout to Burn Fat at Home

70 Variations of HIIT Cardio Workout to Burn Fat at Home. This fitness article will discuss about HIIT cardio workout variations as much as 70 exercises that aim to burn fat quickly at home without going to the gym. Fat burning exercises are usually always identical done in the gym. Now there are some exercises that use the weight of our own body weight or so-called bodyweight workout that can be done at home with ease.

Burn fat quickly using HIIT cardio workout

Fat burning exercise using cardio workout is a type of exercise that is being discussed and conducted by the community of fitness activists. If the first thing we know to burn fat is cardio exercise with steady state principle that is using low intensity and duration of long time. So now there is a short exercise that can burn fat faster at home.

HIIT exercise stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is a method of cardio exercise using high intensity and interspersed by short rest periods. Fat burning after doing this cardiovascular HIIT exercise can be for 38 hours afterwards, by taking advantage of the afterburn effect or EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) that comes after a high-intensity exercise.
70 Variations of HIIT Cardio Workout to Burn Fat at Home
Characteristics of exercise with high intensity is the rapid emergence of fatigue. Therefore, the duration of doing the exercises is very short (usually 30 seconds) and interspersed with a rest period of 10 seconds or 15 seconds.

The duration of time doing HIIT exercises is varied, there is a movement for 1 minute and then rest 2-3 minutes so the ratio of exercise interval with rest 1: 3, it is if taking anaerobic exercise interval 1: 3.

After knowing the concept of cardio workout HIIT, then we will ask about how to do cardio HIIT exercise.

Actually there are so many HIIT cardio workouts, of which there are 70 variations of HIIT cardio workout, which can be done at home by the readers. As in the following video.

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From the video of HIIT cardio workout, we can choose which form of exercise we will arrange as fat burning exercise that we want to do.

For beginners to do HIIT cardio workout, try first select 5 movements from the video with one motion done for 30 seconds and rest time 1 minute. This means that the training interval has a 1: 2 ratio. Perform this HIIT cardio workout, 3 times a week interspersed by a 1 day break between days of practice.
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Let us know in advance to know the maximum heart rate (MHR) us, using the formula 220-age. After knowing the maximum heart rate (MHR), then we can set the intensity using heart rate.

An example of knowing the intensity of the heart rate is as follows: the exercise intensity for fitness and health is 60-85% of the maximum heart rate. So we can calculate our heart rate training range is 60% x MHR and 85% x MHR. So we can keep the heart rate in the range of training zone.

That's the article about 70 variations of HIIT Cardio Workout to Burning Fat at Home. Hopefully this article can be useful for the readers. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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