Causes and How to Resolve Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration)

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Causes and How to Resolve Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration). Lack of body fluids or dehydration is a disorder or imbalance of fluid in the body with the activities performed, so the amount of water in the body is reduced.

Causes of Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration)

Dehydration can occur because:
  1. Lack of fluid.
  2. Sodium deficiency.
  3. Lack of fluid and sodium depletion.

Various Dehydration Based on Cause

Dehydration Due to Lack of Fluids
A. Primary dehydration:
Occurs due to very limited water entry.

The symptoms of primary dehydration: thirst, very little saliva so dry mouth, oliguria, very weak, the emergence of mental disorders such as hallucinations and delirium.

B. Secondary dehydration:
Occurs because the body loses body fluids containing electrolytes.

Secondary dehydration symptoms: nausea, vomiting, convulsions, headaches, tiredness, and fatigue.

Dehydration Because of Sodium Deficiency
A. Muscle disorders
B. Kidney disorders
C. Neurological disorders
Causes and How to Resolve Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration)

Causes of Dehydration Due to Sports and Weather

Causes of dehydration:
1. Reduced fluid from overheating,
2. Excessive sports are not accompanied by adequate water intake,
3. Diet is too hard and drastic,
4. Unfavorable weather (dry season),
5. And medicines used for too long.

Physiology of Body Fluids

Loss of body fluids can be:
A. Normal:
- The discharge of sweat from the body (many or few)
B. Abnormal:
- Vomiting
- Diabetes
- Diarrhea

Symptoms of Dehydration

Symptoms of dehydration:
• feel thirsty and dizzy,
• dry mouth,
• fatigue,
• rarely urinate,
• urine is darker than usual and smells stronger,
• and dry skin.

How to Resolve Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration)

How to deal with dehydration:
1. Consume foods that contain lots of water,
2. Drinking water regularly,
3. Eating fruits that contain lots of water,
4. and rest sufficiently.

Handling Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration)

How to treat dehydration:
1. Oralite,
2. Stay away from foods and drinks that cause dehydration,
3. drink plenty of water,
4. chill the body,
5. consumption of vegetables and fruits needed,
6. adequate rest,
7. and if severe take the patient to a clinic or hospital.

By knowing the cause and how to resolve the lack of body fluids (dehydration) then we can do anticipatory steps before dehydration occurs.

That's the article about Causes and How to Resolve Lack of Body Fluid (Dehydration). Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers of the sports world. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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