5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise

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5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise. CrossFit Training has become a popular sport in several countries. Crossfit exercise is done by using a high-intensity program that the movement is right for anyone, including for beginners who want to burn fat. Understanding the CrossFit exercise is the incorporation of fitness training between cardio training with weight training that means one size fits all or can we call all movements can be done by everyone, including by beginners.

Some Terms in Crossfit Training

Before entering the CrossFit training program, we should first understand some terms in CrossFit training.
  1. WOD stands for Workout Of the Day (usually around 10-20 minutes). Because the training pattern is the same, it is shorter called WOD.
  2. AMRAP is an abbreviation of As Many Reps / Rounds As Possible or a number of reps or rounds in one-time training, which you want to accomplish as much as you can.
  3. For Time, is the goal to complete the training as soon as possible.
  4. The score is the total number of reps or rounds completed.
  5. The box is the mention of a special place to do CrossFit.

Benefits of CrossFit Training

Crossfit training, moves the entire muscle group of our body, so this exercise can help beginners to burn fat, so it has an ideal body.

But the main benefit of CrossFit training is to improve our fitness level. Our fitness increases, then it will have an important impact on the effectiveness of our daily work. For example, a housewife will feel lighter when doing her work at home. Or when the elevator conditions die, an employee will not feel tired to climb the stairs. By doing this CrossFit training, which is routinely done will help maintain fitness.

Socializing is another benefit to be had when doing CrossFit exercises. Although it can be done alone, many CrossFit training instructors advise to do this exercise in groups.
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise

CrossFit Training for Beginners

This CrossFit training seems to be heavy. But with perseverance to achieve the goals we have set, then we will be able to do this training.

In addition to focusing on doing this CrossFit training, do not forget that a balanced nutritional intake should also be our attention and do not forget our rest time as well.

5 CrossFit Training you can do (for beginners)

WOD No. 1 CrossFit Half Cindy
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise - Half Cindy
  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Air Squats
Half Cindy takes 20 minutes. But for beginners who just started the exercise, can use 10 minutes. Because our body has not adapted to the weight of this training, will likely feel fatigue when doing push-up after a set. Do not forget to always record the amount of movement that can be achieved in order to know the development of our bodies.
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise - Total Crossfit
  • 5 Back Squats
  • 3 Overhead Presses
  • 3 Deadlifts
This total CrossFit exercise will use a load from outside the body. The focus of this exercise is so that the beginner can adapt to the load from outside his body. This exercise is not set in time but is related to how the outer load affects the body and knows how much the weight of the forces can be safely lifted.

Total 5 reps on the back squat above are the basic assumption. If you have never done before, can start with 3 reps first.

Quality in movement is the focus of this Total CrossFit exercise. If still not convinced with the right moves we can ask the help of fitness instructors in the gym or at friends who have experienced.
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WOD No. 3 CrossFit Helen
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise - helen
  • 400-meter run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings
  • 12 Pull-Ups
Anyone can definitely run (as long as not at the time of injury) including us who are beginners in doing sports. Doing this CrossFit training will help us to know how much weight the exercise can do by the body.
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WOD No. 4 Crossfit Wall Ball, Burpees
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise - Wall Ball, Burpees
21, 15, 9 reps on Wall Ball and Burpee. Why use the pattern? There is no definite reason for that, but by the time we reach 9 reps, it will definitely feel as hard as repetition 21.

It should be noted that the scheme of 21 15 and 9 reps can be divided into three rounds. Which 21 is divided into 3, ie 7 reps for each round. 15 reps divided by 3 into 5 reps each. And 9 reps are divided into 3 with 3 reps. This scheme will help in resting and taking a breath.

To start Burpee, you should not stop before the round is over. Because if you stop in the middle, it will be a bit difficult to start over.

WOD No. 5 Crossfit Sit-Ups, Lunges
5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise - sit-up, lunges
  • 3 rounds | 3 minute
  • 2-minute rest, AMRAP
  • 15 Sit-Ups
  • 15 Lunges
In this type of WOD using the interval method (exercise interspersed with a break), this exercise method will require us to move as hard as possible for three minutes, followed by a two-minute break.

This CrossFit training is also good for training cardiovascular endurance.

One factor why CrossFit training is the choice for sports activists because this type of training in each exercise can be modified.

That's an article about 5 CrossFit Training for Beginners as a Fat Burning Exercise. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers of the sports resources. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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