4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients

Friday, September 15, 2017

4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients

4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients. The simplest term osteoporosis means bone loss or low bone mass and its characteristic is a decrease in bone mass and bone tissue retardation that causes fractures and fracture risk.

This disease is not detected until the fracture occurs due to a small collision, a fall, or when shaking hands. To prevent or reduce the effects of osteoporosis is to keep exercise regularly.

Weight-bearing activities, such as walking or running, muscle endurance training, muscle strength training can improve the balance of the body, thereby reducing the risk of falling. 

Hydrotherapy exercise is very safe for people with osteoporosis. This type of physiotherapy in the pool provides a safe place to exercise without risking a fall or fracture.

Hydrotherapy increases muscle strength, reduces pain by reducing weight-bearing stress on joints and bones, improves balance, speeds healing, and increases proprioceptive (joint receptors).

Hydrotherapy helps to relax and improve blood circulation, joint space, muscle tone, and self-confidence.
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4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients

Here are some forms of hydrotherapy exercises in swimming pools for osteoporosis patients presented by Bates A, & Hansen N. The Principles and Properties of Water: Aquatic Exercise and Therapy (1996:21-28).
4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients
Hidroterapi untuk Osteoporosis
 Hidroterapi untuk Osteoporosis
4 Hydrotherapy Exercise for Osteoporosis Patients
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