20 Minutes HIIT Exercise Burns Fats at Home Quickly

Friday, September 29, 2017

20 Minutes HIIT Exercise Burns Fats at Home Quickly

20 Minutes HIIT Exercise Burns Fats at Home Quickly. This fitness article will discuss fat burning exercises that can be done at home with a time duration that is not too long. Most of us may assume that fat burning exercise requires a special training room that we might not visit because of our business. Apparently, there are several forms of fat burning exercise that can be done at home with a duration of just 20 minutes.

Exercise by Using Energy from Body Fat

The concept of exercise using body fat as energy is to exercise physical activity up to the zone of aerobic exercise. Usually, exercise in the aerobic zone above 10 minutes which is the provision of energy derived from body fat.

Now there is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a high-intensity cardio exercise interspersed with breaks. For energy use of body fat should be up in the zone of aerobic exercise that is above 10 minutes. That way, we can use fat as energy and also benefit from the HIIT exercise that is afterburn effects (EPOC = Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) which burns fat also after doing this exercise for 38 hours.
Therefore, by using 20 minutes of fat burning exercises at home quickly, we can practice before work or after work done.

Do not forget also to maintain the level of our nutritional intake in order to maximize the fat burning process. Do not let our output far more than the food input.
20 Minutes HIIT Exercise Burns Fats at Home Quickly

20 Minutes Burning Fat Exercise at Home

Here are some forms of fat burning exercises that are summarized in 20 minutes of time that can be done at home.

This exercise consists of 9 fat burning exercises with a total of 4 repetitions.
1. High Knee (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
2. Burpees (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
3. Push-up (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
4. Jump-squat (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
5. Pulse-squat (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
6. Mountain climbers (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
7. Groiners (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
8. Jumping jacks (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.
9. Tricep Dips (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds.

One repetition consists of 9 movements mentioned earlier. Then we proceed to the second repetition with a rest break of 30 seconds. Continue doing up to the fourth repetition. If we are the first time to do, then it can be up to the second repetition is important to be adjusted first with the ability of our bodies.

For more details can be seen on the video 20 minutes of HIIT exercise burn fat quickly below.

To view other fat burning exercise videos please visit youtube channel ical1234567

Perform 20 minutes of HIIT training burns this fat at least 3 times a week with an interspersed one-day pause to improve body fitness and burn fat of course. The existence of a one-day pause, intended to give time to the body in order to perform recovery. So that our body does not experience overtraining.
That's an article about 20 Minutes HIIT Exercise Burns Fats at Home Quickly. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers. Do not forget to see other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.

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