List of Agility Test: One of The Fitness Part

Saturday, August 26, 2017

List of Agility Test: One of The Fitness Part

List of Agility Test: One of The Fitness Part. Agility is part of the fitness component, that use to change direction without losing balance and coordination. This article discusses the list of agility test that you can do to assess the ability of change direction, known as agility. Many sports need the ability to change direction, such as football, basketball, baseball etc. So, to know the level of agility, we must conduct a test.

The multi dimensional movement demands of the field and court games dictate a revaluation of the traditional approach to the development of agility. This demands a systematic multi factored approach that results in significant improvement in game speed. Possibly we have put the cart before the horse by training agility in isolation without considering the underlying coordinative abilities and strength. Full development of coordinative abilities provides a repertoire of motor skills that can be adapted to deal with sport specific movement demands.
Agility Measurement In SportList of Agility Test: One of The Fitness Test
According to Dr.Drabik in his book Children & Sports Training, the coordinative abilities are:
  • Balance - Maintenance of the center gravity over the base of support. It has a static and a dynamic quality
  • Kinaesthetic Differentiation - Ability to feel tension in movement to achieve the desired movement
  • Spatial Orientation - The control of the body in space
  • Reaction to Signals - The ability to respond quickly to auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues
  • Sense of Rhythm - The ability to match movement to time
  • Synchronization of Movements in Time - Unrelated limb movements completed in a synchronized manner
  • Movement Adequacy - Ability to choose movements appropriate to the task.
The co-coordinative abilities never work in isolation, they are all closely related. They are the underlying foundation for agility and the prerequisite for technical skills.

Agility Tests

The following are examples of agility tests:
With good quality of agility in our body, we can move very efisien and effective - less force but significant output. Maybe if we didn't have this agility we must have more insurance to prepare cure ill in every activity.

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