Complete Explanation of Table Tennis

Monday, August 28, 2017

Complete Explanation of Table Tennis

Complete Explanation of Table Tennis. Table tennis is a type of game that uses certain distinctive equipment that differentiates with other equipment. Table tennis is included in the sports game category by using a small ball. The definition of table tennis is "a game that uses a table as a field confined by a net, using a small ball made of celluloid, and the game uses a bat."

The Origin of Table Tennis

The game of table tennis was first known as Ping-Pong, which is derived from a clone of sound generated by the touch of a ball with a table and with a soft racket. At that time it is usually done only as an uncertain passion.

These facts are encountered over a long period of time, indicating that it is a picture or illustration of the habits performed in this game in the family environment or in the household environment in everyday life.
Complete Explanation of Table Tennis
At the beginning of the twentieth century, ping-pong games gradually get some form of game, though still complex. People who have not understood correctly this game still considers that the game ping-pong just as entertainment, recreation or just as a filler of spare time. So, at that time the ping-pong game had not been considered one of the competing sports.

In 1903, a provision was issued concerning clothing used for both men and women. In addition, there are also some technical guidelines on rubber spots mottled on a racket or bet, on how to handle pens (penholder) on rackets and game techniques.

After that, then began to form national unity, standardization of the rules began to be prepared, either in Europe, Asia or the Far East. Table tennis began to grow into a much-loved sport all over the world, millions of players actively participate in regular competition around the world.

Until now table tennis is not only done to maintain physical fitness, leisure time filler, and recreation, but more than that table tennis game has been directed at the sports game achievement.

As a sport, table tennis is a sport that uses tools. The tools needed in the table tennis game include: table, net, net pole, ball, and racket / bat. These tools have their own size and rules.

Table Rule of Table Tennis Games

Table used in table tennis game there are two types, namely: a table for a single game and table for a double game. Table for a single rectangular game with a length of 274 cm (9 feet), width of 152.5 cm (5 feet) should be flat parallel to the floor, and 76 cm (2 feet 6 inches) in height.

The requirements for individual table tennis are as follows:
  • Table surface is rectangular with size 274 cm, width 152.5 cm, height 76 cm and should be flat and parallel to the floor.
  • The surface of the game should cover the top edge rather than the table, excluding the side of the table under the top edge.
  • The surfaces of the game may be made of any material and may evenly reflect a ball dropped from the top of the table as high as 30 cm back upward as high as 25 cm.
  • The surfaces of the game should be dark and even-faded with a 2 cm wide white line along each side of the table. The 274 cm long edge of the table is called the margin, and the 152.5 cm long side line is called the end line.
  • The game surface is divided into 2 fields by a net that is hung vertically parallel to both end lines, unbroken throughout the playing field.
The terms of the table for a single game apply also to the double game.

Basically the table provision for a single table tennis game is the same as a double game. Except on the following points: the table surface is divided two lengthwise by a white line of 3 mm (1/8 inch) thickness parallel to both borders. This line is called the center line. The center lines for this double game are permanently made along the table. It is a policy to make it easy, because there is no technical influence over a single game and remain legitimate.

For more details about the shape of the table tennis court can be seen in the picture below.
table tennis court
The desk surface for the service is located between the net, the right border, and the center line is called the service right half court. The surface of the opening table of the ball that lies between the net, the left border, the end line and the center line is called the service left half court. The surface of the table located opposite the opening of the ball, which is between the left margin line, the end line, the center line and the net is called the reciever's right half cour and the other part of the net, the end line and the right margin are called reciever's left half court.

Net Rule for Table Tennis

In addition to the table, the other tool needed in a table tennis game is a net. The net is a set consisting of nets, hanging ropes and two net posts.

The net is attached to a piece of string with the edges attached to 12.25 cm tall web poles and protruding out the table 15.25 cm. The height of the net along the hanging should be as high as 15.25 cm above the game / table surface. The bottom of the net must be tightly touched the surfaces of the game table along the net, the ends of the net should be tight with the web poles.

Another provision of a table tennis net is recommended to be made of limp material such as a soft, dark green curtain and the net eye (holes) should not be less than 7.5 mm, and should not be larger than 12.5 mm. The top of the net should be white, depending on the hanging rope and the width not exceeding 15 mm.

Ball Rule of Table Tennis

The other tool needed in a table tennis game is the ball. The ball should be round and made of bacelluloid or plastic that is white and faded. The diameter of the ball shall not be less than 37.2 mm and shall not exceed 38.2 mm, while the weight should not be less than 2.40 grams and may not exceed 2.52 grams.

Racket or bat is also a major tool in table tennis games, in addition to tables and nets. Bat tennis consists of two parts, namely the wooden batter and rubber. In order for a table tennis player to perform optimally, then this type of batter must be selected in accordance with the type of play the wearer, this is also true in choosing rubber bat.

The types of table tennis rubber bet can be divided into four kinds, namely:
  1. Hard Pimpled Rubber, ie spotted rubber out without a sponge.
  2. Invert (Pips in) Sponge Rubber, ie a sponge coated rubber surface with freckles facing inwards.
  3. Sandwich (Pips out) Sponge Rubber, ie a sponge coated rubber surface with freckles facing outwards.
  4. Anti Topspin Sponge Rubber, ie A sponge coated rubber surface, which serves to neutralize the sharp topspin balls.
Other equipment that can support in table tennis games include, game room, fence, background, lighting, scoreboard. Thus, it can be concluded that the tools used in table tennis games have their own characteristics that are different from other sports equipment.

That's the complete explanation of table tennis from history to game equipment. Hope can be useful for all readers. Thanks.

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