9 Training Objectives in Sport; According to Tudor O. Bompa's Opinion

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

9 Training Objectives in Sport; According to Tudor O. Bompa's Opinion

9 Training Objectives in Sport According to Tudor O. Bompa. Training is a familiar word for those of us who do sports a lot. In doing the training we must have a objective to be achieved. Therefore, this article we will discuss about the training objective according to Tudor o. bompa in his book the theory and methodology of training.

The Training Objectives Must Be Included in an Training Program

Tudor O. Bompa's opinion about the training objectives was widely adopted by several trainers, and was used as the basis for discussion of the sportsmen in determining the objectives of the training program. Here are some training objectives in sport that we can use in an training program.
9 Training Objective in Sport; According to Tudor O. Bompa's Opinion

1.Develop multilateral physical capabilities

The concept of multilateral physical development is needed as a basic for athlete training. This concept requires us to have overall physical fitness.

The objective of developing multilateral physical capabilities is to,
  • increase general resistance level
  • increase the general strength
  • developing more speed
  • Increase the general flexibility required in any motion activity
  • Get a high level of coordination so as to obtain harmonization of gestures. 

    2. Developing Sports Specific Components

    The purpose of the process of developing specific components of the sport is
    • to develop and improve the physical component of strength according to the sport
    • to develop and increase muscle mass and elasticity
    • to develop and enhance specific strengths up to power and muscular endurance according to the characteristic of the sport
    • to develop and increase the rate of motion reaction
    • to develop and improve the coordination of the movement
    The result of the exercise with this training objective is the ability of athletes to perform a variety of movements, especially in sports that do not look rigid so the movement is easy to do and look fine.

    3. Improving Technical Factors

    Specific sports techniques have been developed and perfected at this time. The training objective on the technical aspects that can develop them are,
    • developing the body's ability to perform engineering movements properly
    • perfecting basic techniques more effectively and efficiently but with high speed, high amplitude, and exerting power in doing technical movement
    • showing certain techniques under normal circumstances and unusual circumstances as well as weather-induced changes
    • improve the appearance of techniques related to the sports branches occupied
    • improve the ability to display the whole movement be it general and special exercises correctly.

    4. Improving Tactical Factor

    With the training process will improve the strategy in the game so that the training objective on tactical factors is,
    • learn the opponent's tactics
    • extending optimal tactics and a wide variety of tactics according to the athlete's ability to be used during practice and matches
    • refine and vary the selected tactics
    • develop strategies in accordance with the opponent in the future

    5. Improving Psychological Aspects

    Psychic preparation (mentality) is needed in improving physical performance. Psychical training or mental training can improve discipline, perseverance, determination, confidence and courage.
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    6. Improve Team Capabilities

    In some sports such as team sports, oars, etc., a solid team preparation is one of the main goals of a coach. The main objective can be achieved if there is harmonization of team members in terms of physical level, technique, and strategy preparation.

    Mutual consolidation and a sense of belonging to the team can be improved by training in which there is an element of competition in it and often gathered outside of training activities to strengthen the social relationships of team members.

    All team members must be mindseted that every action taken should think as a whole, not individual thinking. Plans and roles of each team member should be established.

    7. Improving Health Factors

    Improving the health status of each athlete is very important. Good health levels can be controlled by:
    • periodic medical examinations.
    • adjust the training intensity with the individual workload of each athlete.
    • adjustment of a strenuous training program with regeneration or recovery phases.
    • when an athlete is sick or injured, exercise should be done when the athlete is fully recovered
    • a gradual increase in load should be fully adapted to the athlete's abilities

    8. Preventing Injuries

    Prevention of injury can be done with attention to any actions that can make the athlete safe in doing sports such as improving individual quality as follows:
    • Increasing the capacity of flexibility above the level required to perform some of the necessary movements during exercise
    • Strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments, especially during the start-up phase of the movement for beginners
    • Develop muscle strength and elasticity to anticipate when performing abrupt and outward movements of basic techniques. 
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      9. Improving Theory Knowledge for Athletes

      The goal of the exercise also includes to improve the athlete's knowledge of sports science related to his sport. Sports science that can be improved through training is as follows:
      Physiology and psychology based on training, planning, nutrition and regeneration.
      Athletes, coaches and other team members have much to discuss about sports science, which is related to the sport, in hopes of achieving a common perception in an effort to achieve a common goal.

      That's the article on the 9 Training Objective in Sport; According to Tudor O. Bompa's Opinion who can be a coach consideration in developing his training program. Quite a few articles this time, may be useful for the readers as well. Do not forget to look at other interesting articles. Thanks.

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