Training Zone Associated with MHR VS Exercise Until Vomiting

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Training Zone Associated with MHR VS Exercise Until Vomiting

Training Zone (MHR) VS Exercise Until Vomiting. This article will discuss about exercises whose effects until vomiting either in the form of liquid or like there is food. This post is based on the question of some people about, like what a good exercise ?. Because there are opinions from some people that good exercises should be up vomiting. Is that right ?.

Actually, in the science of coaching, whether or not an exercise depends on the properness of the treatment provided by the coach on the goal to be achieved in the training program. In our body, the limit for the exercise dose is our own pulse in 1 minute, by first calculating our MHR (maximal heart rate) through the formula MHR = 220-Age, the unit is b / m (beats per minute).
Having known MHR per minute, then we will know the maximum limit of our heart beat in 1 minute while doing the exercise. In practice, the limits used are the percentage of intensity of our MHR or so-called training zone.
Training Zone (MHR) VS Exercise Until Vomiting
The selection of exercise intensity depends on the components of physical fitness that want to be improved, such as to increase endurance, the intensity is 60% -70% of our MHR. Calculation training zones like the example below:

Calculating MHR

Age 20 years, then the MHR is = 220-20 = 200 b / m. This means that the exercise should not exceed our MHR limit, in order to have a positive effect on our body. Because doing the exercises like a double-edged knife, can be beneficial to our body and can also kill us. Exercise can be useful if we as a sports activist understand the way and rules of exercise itself and the determination of the dose of exercise associated with the intensity. Exercise can kill us if we do not know the rules of exercise that is good and true in accordance with the ability of the body and our age.
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Calculating Training Zone

Once we know the MHR and the intensity of our exercise then the next is to calculate our training zone. Example of Training Zone calculation, MHR = 200 b / m, Intensity for endurance = 60% -70% of MHR. So the Training Zone count is 60% x 200 = 120 b / m and 70% x 200 = 140 b / m, from the calculation it is known that Training Zone endurance exercise for age 20 is 120 b / m to 140 b / m.

This means that your heart rate should be maintained between 120 d / m to 140 d / m as long as you do endurance exercises whose form can be jogging or anything that is characterized by relatively long time, low intensity.

Exercise Until Vomiting?

Exercise Until Vomiting?Actually in the present, the paradigm of an exercise until vomiting is good, has begun to change. However, there are still believe that exercise until vomiting indicates the exercise has good quality. This paradigm can mislead the actors of sport, because the quality of exercise is not determined vomiting or not, but from the MHR and Training Zone that became indicators and control of an exercise.

Exercise until vomiting is caused because our body is not able to accept the dose of exercise given. How can it happen like that ?, when we exercise all our muscles contract including our abdominal muscles.
This causes pressure on our internal organs such as our stomach. Actually there are two conditions that can cause vomiting during exercise, first when our stomach is empty and stomach acid increases it will push to our abdominal muscles while our abdominal muscles are contracting and pressing the stomach.
With a rather strong contraction of the abdominal muscles pressing into our stomach, the initial effect is nausea and then vomiting in the form of viscous fluid. The second condition is when our stomach is filled with food that just goes into the stomach and is still digested, it can also create a sense of nausea and may be vomiting in the form of food we had eaten.

So vomiting can not be used as a measure for good quality exercises. Because it is the effect of the digestive system is not good, especially in the stomach.

That's the article about the training zone associated with MHR vs. exercise until vomiting. Hopefully it can be useful for the readers. Do not forget to look at other interesting articles on this website. Please share it to your friends. Thanks. terasolahraga.