The Importance of Goal Setting To Achieve Sports Achievement

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Importance of Goal Setting To Achieve Sports Achievement

The Importance of Goal Setting To Achieve Sports Achievement. In the world of sports, to make sporting achievements, a lot of factors that can affect the success of getting "greatest sports achievement" both in terms of physical and psychological athletes. To evaluate the performance of athletes in terms of personal maturity and peak performance, there are several techniques or methods of psychological practice that need to be applied, one of which is goal-setting.

Goal-Setting is one effective technique to motivate athletes to achieve a goal. Achievement of goals should be based on well-prepared preparations and processes. Goal-Setting becomes effective, not only facilitating athletes in achieving maximum performance, but it is also important to address other psychological issues such as anxiety, confidence, and motivation. 

The ability to set goals needs to be possessed by coaches and athletes, but on the ground it seems that the goals set by coaches and athletes are not systematic, even coaches and athletes have not set goals in the training process, so the results do not result in maximum athlete performance.
The Importance of Goal Setting To Achieve Sports Achievement
A common problem with goal setting is, according to Marten (1993: 158) "... many athletes set inappropriate goals or do not set goals in a systematic fashion. Coach and sport psychologist often forget to initiate the follow up and evaluation procedures that are necessary if goal setting is to effective".

Since goal-setting is important, both for coaches, psychologists and athletes, it is necessary to set goals setting by applying the correct procedures and understanding them to the factors that can influence them.

Understanding Goal Setting

Goal-setting is one good foundation for achieving success in mental skills training programs. This is because coaches and athletes can achieve success both physically, technically, tactically and mentally, through the application of goal-setting principles.

The term goal setting consists of two words: goal means goal and setting means setting or designing. Thus, goal setting is an ability to design or set goals to be achieved.. Locke, et al., (1981: 126);

Mellalieu (2009:75) Explained that goal is "What an individual is trying to accomplish; it is object or aim of an action". Goal is what one wants to try to accomplish: goals are objective or goals in an action..

Furthermore, Locke defines the goal broadly, ie "a goal is defined as attaining a specific standard of proficiency on a task, usually within a specified time limit". Next, Hacker (2004); Apruebo (2005:263) explain: "Goals as a spesific standard of proficiency achieved in a particular area of performance within a specific time".

Both opinions emphasize that the goal is the achievement of a certain standard of ability in the form of tasks that are limited by a certain time.

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