Physical Test For Soccer Players Using CSSIT (2005)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Physical Test For Soccer Players Using CSSIT (2005)

Physical Test For Soccer Players Using CSSIT (2005).This post will discuss one of the physical fitness tests specially for soccer players is also called the FIT (Fitness Interval Tests). Actually, a fitness test can use bleep test, balke test, cooper test and more. The latest is the FIT (Fitness Interval Test) which is specially for soccer players.

Soccer player's fitness test using the FIT Fitness Interval Test was created in 2005 by Soccer Fit Academy and was given initials with the CAP (Soccer Credentials Performance) Soccer Specific Interval Test (SSIT) shortened to CSSIT. The CSSIT test can also be called the Fitness Interval Test (FIT).

The tests are designed for soccer, but can also be used for other sports that have the same characteristics as football as there is a maximum exertion and a decrease in intensity. This test is very different because it involves variations in locomotor motion patterns, changes in velocity, changing direction, and the timing of recovery.
Physical Test For Soccer Players Using CSSIT (2005)

CSSIT Test Procedure

This test is promoted by Soccer Fit Academy.
Objective : This test evaluates an individual's ability to repeatedly perform interval exercises over a long period of time.
Equipment required : Field of 25 yards or 22.86 meters, cone, stopwatch and whistle.
Implementation Procedure : Two cones as a sign to limit the distance of 25 yards, then save the cone also between 25 yards as a mark of 10 yards (9,144 meters). Basically, the test involves doing two sorts of runs in 30 consecutive seconds, then breaks for 30 seconds. After the break, they do two intervals in 29 seconds followed by a 30 second rest period. Then two more in 28 seconds, and so on, until they can not get back to the start line within the designated time. The time lag between the intervals is 30 seconds. Each interval involves covering 10 yards forward & back, 10 yards forward & back again, then 25 yards forward & back. Players when they fail to make it back to the starting line in the time it takes. The pattern of doing this test is started from
Stage 30 Levels 1 and 2, For 30 Seconds
Stage 29 Levels 1 and 2, For 29 Seconds
Stage 28 Levels 1 and 2, For 28 Seconds
Stage 27 Level 1 and 2, For 27 Seconds
Stage 26 Levels 1 and 2, For 26 Seconds
Stage 25 Levels 1 and 2, For 25 Seconds
The pause between stages is 30 seconds, the next stage until the participants can not complete one level according to the time specified per stage.
Physical Test For Soccer Players Using CSSIT (2005)
    Score : Total distance calculated. Usually calculated by the player is the number of stages and levels when the player fails to level at a certain stage (as in stage 20 level 1 then counts the number of yard distances from the first stage of the first perform). The best stages are between stages 16 to 18.

    Movement variations for soccer : a test can be done with a ball or without a ball (soccer, basketball), combining skill factors and making tests closer to the characteristics of the sport. Some variations of the test ie the subject goes first 10 yards, 10 yard side step, and sprint all out 25 yards.

    Target population : This test was developed specifically for soccer players, possibly suitable for team sports that are similar in character to soccer. It can also be used by basketball players.

    Reference : Creating a Soccer Specific Interval Test: a study presented in poster format at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s National Conference in 2009 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas by Scott Moody of Soccer FIT Academy.

    That's an article about physical tests for soccer players using CSSIT. Hope can be useful for all readers. Thanks.