Illinois Agility Test for Measuring Agility

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Illinois Agility Test for Measuring Agility

Illinois Agility Test for Measuring Agility. This article will discuss the test of one component of physical fitness that is agility. Before discussing further, we need to know that agility is the body's ability to change direction quickly without losing its balance supported by a combination of speed, balance, muscle burst and coordination.

Almost all branches of big and small ball sports require this component of physical fitness. Agility can be obtained from continuous training process in accordance with the rules. To know the quality of agility, it takes a test instrument that can measure valid and reliable.
Illinois Agility Test for Measuring Agility
There are several kinds of test instruments for agility, one of which is the Illinois Agility Test introduced by Getchell in 1979.

Illinois Agility Test Procedure

Administration tests:

  1. Objective test: To test agility run.
  2. Equipment needed: 8 pieces of cone, Stopwatch
  3. Testing Procedure: The length of the test area is 10 meters and the width (the starting point distance with the finish) is 5 meters. 4 cones are used as a start sign, finish, and for a twisting point of 2 cones. The other 4 cones are kept in the middle between the starting point and the finish. Distance of each cone in the middle is 3.3 meters.

    Subjects get ready to run with the position of the body leaning forward. When there is a "Yes" command, the stopwatch is executed, and the subject runs as fast as possible and then changes the direction of movement according to the flow of movement seen on the picture beside without touching or knocking the cone up to the finishing point.
  4. Result: A good score for men is under 15.2 seconds and women under 17 seconds. For more details can be seen in the norms agility quality table according to Davis B in 2000.

Norm of Illinois Agility Test

Norm of Illinois Agility Test

Reference: Getchell B. Physical Fitness: A Way of Life, 2nd ed. New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1979.

That an article about Illinois Agility Test for measuring agility. Hope can be useful for all readers. Thanks.

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