Drinking Ice Water not Make Stomach Distended

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Drinking Ice Water not Make Stomach Distended

Drinking Ice Water not Make Stomach Distended. Is it true that ice water can make our stomach becomes distended?, This post we will try to discuss about one of the myths in our lives related to drinking ice water can make us a distended stomach or fat. Let's review a bit about this.

The origin of this myth we may not know for sure, to circulate in our society that if you drink ice water to make our stomach distended. But we can predict maybe when we see food that is cold and has a fat content then the fat will be separated visible fat lumps, especially if we store in the refrigerator.

Are the foods we eat and contain the fat and then we drink ice water, then the fat will clot like the food that was cold earlier or that is stored in the refrigerator?

The answer to that question may vary greatly there are those who do not believe that with ice water one glass of fat from the food we eat will be a separate fat clot there is also a belief that ice water will make fat clots in our body. For those who believe ice water can make fat clumps from the food we eat, then you can not distinguish the refrigerator or environmental temperature outside the body with the human stomach.

Drinking Ice Water not Make Stomach DistendedSmall example you can do is by storing ice cubes in a glass with a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, you try to note and if you can take a stopwatch how many minutes the ice cube will melt. From that experiment, the ice cubes in the glass melted right? become liquid, not the glass that became frozen. The experiment proved that ice cubes are not able to maintain its shape at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, especially in our stomachs whose normal temperature averages 37 degrees Celsius.

The next question is,

Are ice / cold water drunk and into our stomachs with 37 Celsius (much hotter than room temperature) can freeze fat?

Let's think again, when drinking ice water then we urinate, does our urine stay cold? or turn warm ?. Certainly the urine released by our excretion system will warm its temperature, which means that the iced water we drink was warmed by the body, not the opposite of ice water that affects our body temperature (freeze the fat from the food we eat).

Let's call it back.
  1. Ice water for example we consider the temperature 0 degrees Celsius
  2. Our body temperature is 36 degrees Celsius
  3. It takes 1 calorie to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree celcius
  4. For example we drink 100 grams of water or 100ml
We drink 100ml of ice water and our body must increase the temperature of the ice water from 0 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius, then our body needs a calorie burning of 3600 calories. Or in caloric units that we used to know, we burn 3.6 Calories. If one day we drink 3000 ml of ice water, then we will burn about 108 Calories. (Calories = 1000 calories). In 1 day maybe 108 Calories will not be visible, but in 1 month can reach 3240 Calories.

From the above explanation does not mean you want to shape the body and remove a lot of fat just by drinking iced water only. Still, physical training is required continuously, in accordance with the rules, systematic, gradual increase of the load and a relatively long time. But now you already understand about drinking ice water is not fattening, even help burn calories. So do not be afraid anymore for those of you who are dieting lose weight to drink ice water.

That is the analogy to dispel the myths that circulate in our environment, may be useful for all of us.

    That's the article about drinking ice water not make stomach distended. Hopefully this article can be useful for all readers. Thanks.