5 Benefits of Pilates Exercise for Body

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 Benefits of Pilates Exercise for Body

5 Benefits of Pilates Exercise for Body. In this article we will discuss about the benefits of Pilates exercise for the body. Pilates exercise is one of many types of exercises that are useful for health. Pilates exercise is mostly done by women who want a toned body and more ideal.

5 Benefits of Pilates Exercise

Here are the benefits that can be gained from pilates exercises:
5 Benefits of Pilates Exercise for Body
Pilates Exercises
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1. Improve balance
Pilates exercises focus on abdominal muscle strength. Strong abdominal muscles can improve the overall balance of the body.

2. Increase abdominal muscle strength
The abdominal muscles are one of the well-trained muscles when performing pilates exercises, including other mid-body muscles such as the back and pelvic floor. Increased muscle strength in the middle of the body can improve balance, strength and also improve posture. 

3. Improve posture
Bad posture can cause back pain. Keeping the spinal column straight according to its anatomy is the basis of the pilates exercise. This exercise also aims at maintaining the natural curvature of the spine.

4. Improve Flexibility of the Spine
Pilates provides more benefits for the spine, providing extra spinal space in every pilates movement. This additional space improves mobility and flexibility. Good spinal flexibility can reduce the risk of injury and make movement much easier.

5. Improving Emotional Health
Pilates provides benefits for emotional health. A subtle movement with a calm mind during exercise will calm the nervous system and help relieve stress. When prolonging and strengthening the muscles, it will smooth the blood circulation and eliminate tension. Each finished practice will feel more calm, balanced, and much fresher (Touw, 2011).

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