The Benefits of Health Sport for Body

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Benefits of Health Sport for Body

The Benefits of Health Sport for Body. Besides recreational sports, many people also do sports activities for the purposes of health, and it can be seen from the number of people who do sports activities for physical fitness, with many gym studio and gatherings of gym both in agency offices and in society.

Speaking about the "health sport", we will think about the goals to be achieved. The purpose of health sport that wants a healthy status. About the health status, described by M. Icshan (1989: 1) that "The state of physical, spiritual and social good, without the pain often gets complaints, so it can use more of thought and effort to achieve a better performance for the well-being" , Seeing the importance of it, it would need to people to always keep or maintain their health status. While health is any problem concerning human factors directly or indirectly affect the quality of the human healthy.

Similarly with the recreational sports that sport is a tool to achieve a goal, as well as the health sport. Here sport as a tool to achieve something, namely a healthy status. In order to achieve that status need to know in advance the characteristics of a "health sports", as described by Santosa (1992: 21) that "The special feature of health sport is the intensity that should be homogeneous and sub-maximal, should not contain the movement of explosive maximum and emotional , therefore there should be no element of competition in its implementation ".

Therefore concluded that the implementation of health sport must comply with particular characteristics that the intensity must be adapted to the ability of people who doing sports, movement must not be explosive maximal or not endanger people who doing sports and in implementation there is no element of competition.
The Benefits of Health Sport

The Benefits of Sport For Health

Sport is one of the activities that should be routinely performed, so that the body away from the disease, or other negative things. Sports not only good for the physical, but also to the psychic.

You've heard the term "Mensana in corporesano" which means that in a healthy body there is a strong soul. The term is not just mere words, it is true if you have a healthy body you must have a soul that is quieter and more focused mind because there were no problems in the body.

Try to compare with those who rarely or never doing sport, would often limp body, does not look fresh, quick stress. How can you get a pleasant day if your body and mind are not healthy? Let us examine how important sport for the health of our bodies?

Multiple Benefits of Sport For Health

1. Make Healthier Skin
Skin is the outer layer of the body that must be maintained health and humidity. Because, if not cared for properly your skin will look dull, dry, and can even attacked by diseases. One way to maintain healthy skin is by doing sport.

Skin needs nutrients to stay healthy and awake firmness and moisture, sport can increase the heart rate so that smooth blood circulation. By doing so, the nutrients will be channeled properly to the skin cells.
Besides sport can reduce existing acne on the face and body. Acne usually occurs due to external and internal factors. One of the internal factors that can trigger acne is stress.
By doing sport, the body will become more relaxed and avoid stress because sport can increase the production of endorphins. What it Endorphins? Endorphins are a chemical compound found in the brain responsible for relaxation.

2. Maintain Heart Health
Heart disease is the number one of the deadliest diseases in the world, therefore it is obligatory to maintain heart health. Sport is a way to minimize the risk of heart attack, but remember to do this routinely to train the heart to not get tired.
In other cases, excessive body fat may make you minded to go on a diet. Body that weighs in excess of the standard ideal weight is not good for heart health. To reduce weight, then need to reduce the weight of the fat contained in the body.
Sport makes the fat content in the body decreases, obviously this is very good for your heart because as we all know that excessive fat would lead to heart disease.
With sport, the blood circulation will definitely be more smoothly and this will make blood flow becomes more and faster. It is beneficial to prevent blood clots that can make blood vessels to the heart or brain is blocked.

3. Good For Bones And Joints
You've heard the term osteoporosis, ie bone fragility experienced. People who are active in doing sport have denser bones and stronger than those who rarely do sport, that is why sport is good for preventing osteoporosis.
In order not to encounter brittleness of the bones, you have to stop early or you will regret it in later old age. Rarely do sport also makes the joints become stiff and weak. This is due to the weakening of the muscles and tendons. If both are weak, it will interfere with the movement of the joints.

4. Can Improve Concentration
The smooth circulation of blood to the brain caused by exercise affects the brain's performance and level of concentration. You will have good concentration if you try to exercise regularly. If a high level of concentration you will certainly allow you to do everything.
From the review we can conclude that a lot of the benefits of doing sport. Hopefully Multiple Benefits Sport for Health that has been described above can inspire you for exercising your life in order to become healthier, fitter, and fun.