Swim Make high IQ in Children

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Swim Make high IQ in Children

Swim Make high IQ in Children. According to research in Melbourne, Australia, showed statistically IQ children are taught to swim since the baby is higher than children who are not taught to swim or taught to swim after age 5 years. The children were measured IQ when they were 10 years old. Not only that, the growth of physical, emotional and social development would be better.

Other studies have shown that babies taught to swim more easily than adults, because the baby had never had the X factor such as fear of harm. Is not the baby does not understand the danger? Anyway, the baby love the water so he would rather invited to swim and this would be easier to teach the infant to swim.

Besides, newborns up to the age of 3 months can be directly plunging into the water without fear of drowning, because at that age, he has stepped reflex that many potential uses for swimming. Stepping reflex is a reflex that accompanies babies as well as grasping reflex and walking reflex.
Swim Make a high IQ in Children
When we put the baby under the age of 3 months in the water, it will automatically wiggled their legs resembling dog paddle, so do not sink. It could be said, in under 3 months of your baby can swim with primitive style.

Not that after that age, babies can not swim anymore. Although his reflexes had disappeared, he still can do the swim, although not organized or disheveled by the force of gravity, the baby feels pressured from below the water so he could float then the baby became happy.

Especially since in the bowels of the mother, the baby is also already be swimming in amniotic fluid for 9 months. After birth, their ability to swim improved living alone, in fact, so popular is swimming sport abroad until the birth process is done in the water. Medically, this will not pose a problem because it is a natural process. So, there is no reason to hesitate to invite your child or baby to swim.
Swim Make a high IQ in Children
Important note, when swimming baby should feel safe and necessary safeguards. Parents should accompany him. This is absolutely essential if the parents are both into the water and swim together with the baby, then in addition to feel safe, the baby can feel no response from her own parents. Besides parents accompany also can play with the baby so that there is interaction between the child and his mother and also being around him. This is one of the benefits of swimming. Compare when the new baby learn to sit or walk, whether parents will accompany and perform the same movements continuously with the child? Of course not.

With their swim together entering the water, swim together so that the taste will be more proximity between the child and his parents, it will be useful for the psychological development of children. That is why, both parents should come into play in the water to accompany the child. Besides swimming is also useful for growth. Motor develops more rapidly than he was just playing on the floor, while swimming all the muscles working, when just playing around on the floor, only certain muscles are working.

When you want to bring a baby to swim in public pools, choose the right time, ie when the pool is still in clean condition; usually in the morning. The temperature should also be adjusted, should not be more than 31 or 32 degrees Celsius. Especially for the first month-old baby, the temperature is 34-35 degrees Celsius.

Other hygiene to consider is chlorine, do not be too saturated, because chlorine can cause irritation of skin, eyes, and others. Chlorine size set for children is 6-8 ppm.

Keep in mind, do not let the parents take the baby swimming for the pursuit of achievement because its primary purpose is recreational. Some medical associations of children in foreign countries is said to swim in children under 4 years of age should not be a goal to pursue achievement. On top of that age then a parent can teach swimming styles targeted for achievement. In other languages, baby swim just for fun or for pleasure only. Starting one year of age may be directed on achievement, but not with pressed and forced.

If the parents like to swim in a style that is good enough then he will follow, encourage your child to swim to his health first. About the swimming style will follow automatically if he had liked it.

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