Sport and Mental Health

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sport and Mental Health

Sport and mental health. Sport was not only able to maintain the physical health of human beings, but also mentally. Even in some cases, sport can be effective depression drugs. According to Prof. Adrian Taylor of the University of Exeter, is because sport can be a means of distraction from anxiety and worry. Sport also can provide a sense of control and releasing hormones giving a sense of calm.

When doing sport, the heart pumps more blood so that oxygen is dispersed throughout the body, blood circulation becomes smooth. These conditions allow the brain receive enough oxygen so that the performance becomes better. Experts agree that the good performance of the brain that can make a person's physical and mental reactions became better.

A good brain work also helps improve memory. A recent study proves that moderate exercise such as walking can help prevent a decline in brain power in elderly women. The longer and frequent walking activity is done then the sharpness of the mind is also improved. Activities that do not need high intensity, which is important pacemaker power continues to increase, and memory becomes sharper.

A study conducted in the United States, Canada, and France showed that patients with heart disease who exercised decreased levels of depression as much as 1.75 points in the first three months of exercise. While patients treated with medication without exercise only decreased by 1 point.
Sport and Mental Health
Do sport in the open air with lots of green areas, for example in the garden or artificial forests for recreation. A study published in the American journal Environmental Science & Technology mention, sport in a green area for five minutes can improve mood.

Then invite people closest to you to work out together so that you can still interact and feel happier. Remember, mental health improvement in the short term can provide health protection in the long term.

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