Interval Training Concept

Monday, March 6, 2017

Interval Training Concept

Interval training concept. “Interval training: the repetition of exercise bouts with defined periods of recovery to develop aerobic endurance capacity. The repetition of intervals allows the athlete to undertake a greater volume of training at the appropriate intensity in a single training session” (Whyte, 2006). It can be defined that repetition exercise with recovery periods to develop aerobic endurance capacity. Repetition interval allows the athlete to perform  a greater volume of training at the right intensity in a single training session.

Interval training generally refers to repeated sessions are relatively brief, intermittent exercise, in which short intervals of intense exercise separated by longer periods of recovery. Depending on the power level, a single effort may last from a few seconds to several minutes, with separate training intervals up to a few minutes of rest or low intensity exercise (Gibala,  2007).

Interval training program, involving: "sets, repetitions, training time, training distance, frequency, interval exercise, and passive recovery or active recovery interval" (Wilmore, et al 2008).

Wilmore, (2008), classify the interval training according to the need of event or its activity as follow:

The distance of the exercise interval is determined by the requirements of the event, sport,or activity: short intervals of 30 m to 200 m (33-219 yd), although a 200 m sprinter will frequently run overdistances of 300 to 400 m (328-437 yd). A 1500 m runner may run intervals as short as 200 m to increase speed; but most of his or her training would be at distances of 400 to 1500 m (437-1640 yd).(pp 199)
Interval Training Concept
Interval training with repetition of running program form is a quick method to increase VO2max. With interval training methods players can obtain a fit physical condition and excellent endurance. Thus, in the game, athletes do not run out of Oxygen Maximum Volume (VO2max) that support their performance during the playing.

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