Get Healthy With Cycling

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get Healthy With Cycling

Get healthy with cycling. Cycling is a recreational activity or sport, and is one mode of transportation land use bicycles. Many cycling fans who do these activities in a wide variety of terrain, such as hills, the rugged terrain or just a speed race. Certainly challenge is not it?.

Cycling is also a means for refreshing. By cycling in the morning or evening, in addition to exercise, we also can see the atmosphere of the city, with a relaxing to simply eliminate boredom or looking for fresh ideas. If we notice, many cyclists do activities while listening to music using earphones and occasionally sang.

Besides fun, certainly not a new thing again if cycling is an activity that is very healthy for the body. By cycling will be able to solve the problem, which is the first, physical exercise on an ongoing basis that will help restore the ability of the following provision of "food" becomes optimal return. Then, the large muscle on the back become more powerful, so it can help work the spine. So, cycling can also stabilize the performance of the backbone.

Cycling sport that has the most benefits to strengthen our immune system. Thus, cycling is a sport that is inexpensive, can relieve stress, to train right brain (creative modifications), established communities (increases friends) and also friendly to the environment (go green).
Healthy With Cycling
Healthy sport already known in society and has become one of their lifestyle for health care, even to cure a disease that has long felt with a planned program.

Sports Health is very different from the sport achievement. Many are not able to distinguish between Sports Health and sports achievements, sports health and sports achievements are different, the fundamental thing that is very different is the intensity, the intensity difference between sporting achievement and Sports Health have a clear benchmark intensity.
1. The intensity of the Sports Health: 65-80% of MHR with prolonged exercise 20-30 minutes.
2. The intensity of sports achievement: 80-90% of MHR with longer workouts 40-120 minutes.

Health Sport has the characteristic features include: easy movement, sub-maximal intensity and were clearly not be competed, this Sports Health should be homogeneous as well as the movement of Sports Health should not be an element of maximal explosive and emotional.

Cycling was included as one kind of light exercise easily implemented by all ages. Regarding health benefits, cycling is equally great sports walking, jogging and even aerobics. Travelling with a wooden bicycle will help you improve vitality, burn calories and relieve stress.

Some of the benefits of cycling:
1. Quickly burn calories
2. Burn fat and muscle reinforce
3. Improve the mood
4. Can prevent heart disease
5. Low-Impact injury
6. Good to improve stamina
7. Boost immunity
8. Improve balance and coordination

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