Get Healthier and Fit With Walking

Posted by Kang Ikal on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Get Healthier and Fit With Walking. Besides free and healthy, do regular walking will get a variety of benefits for the body, one of the benefits of walking is to make the body become stronger and fitter.
Do not be concerned about the lack of facilities, place, and time. Now many activities to do sports, especially walk, held in each city, which is held every weekend, such as car-free day, in this event the closure of some roads are intended to provide the community facilities for sports.

Geoff Nicholson in his book, Lost Art of Walking, praised the considerable benefit of walking. Besides good for physical health, psychological and social benefits, a simple activity that can change your life.
Get Healthier and Fit With Walking
Here are some of the benefits of walk:
Improving Health
In terms of health, walking is one of the keys to managing weight, controlling blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke, breast cancer, diabetes and myriad other diseases. A quick walk every day can extend your lifespan, lower the risk of depression and improve mood and feeling happy. According to Beth Israel Medical Center, a hospital affiliated with Harvard, walking lowers cholesterol levels and increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol.
Maintaining Mental Fitness
Walk with friends or your colleagues, can strengthen the relationship. Set the time for a "date" with your spouse or a friend to walk and use the time available to talk to each other without being disturbed.

Exploring the Neighborhood
The best way to enjoy the beauty and wonders hidden in the big cities in the world. Walk sharpness honed senses and lets you enjoy the closeness to the environment around you. According to Geoff, poet William Wordsworth yachting around the seven wonders of the world throughout his life. It is said that William was happy with the simple fact that "walking is the invitation of a surprise".
Here are some tips that you feel happy when walking:
  • Look for a friend, and find a regular schedule every week at the same time.
  • Walk with your dog / "your pet".
  • Choose a location that has a great view and easily accessible.
  • Begin by walk leisurely, then increase the pace and speed.
  • Choose also a uphill location.
That article about Get Healthier and Fit With Walk. May be useful for the reader as well. Thanks.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

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