5 Benefits of Morning Jog (Run) for Health

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

5 Benefits of Morning Jog (Run) for Health

5 Benefits of Morning Jog (Run) for Health. Very many benefits do jog or run for health, in addition to healthy for the body, in order to be healthy and fit, jog or run can clean the breathing because the air we breathe in the morning still clean and not a lot of pollutants.

The Benefits of Morning Jog (Run)

A. Keeping Heart Health
Runners are constantly running as far as 16 km in a week would be 39 percent less often impaired blood pressure. Plus they will also seldom accumulate cholesterol in the blood vessels of up to 34 percent.

B. Strong Bones
Bone mass runners turned out better than other aerobic athletes, as disclosed by the University of Missouri. The researchers compared the bone density of the runners to cyclists. There are as many as 63 percent of cyclists who have a bad bone mass, whereas only 19 percent of runners.

C. Fluent Thinking
A study conducted for the workers in the UK revealed, ran a routine makes them rarely make mistakes in the work, has good concentration, and the more the productive than those who only occasionally run.
5 Benefits of Morning Jog (Run) for Health
D. Rarely Flu Affected
Runners who ran an hour every day, going to work away from the flu virus attacks up to 18 percent who did not run. It is obtained from studies conducted in Sweden.

E. Breathe, More Relief
Study conducted for people with asthma were asked to do jogging and exercise power within a week alternately, after three months, managed to reduce asthma attacks. The respondents claimed to breathe more easily and more powerful immune.

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