Understanding Achievement Motivation in Sports

Friday, February 3, 2017

Understanding Achievement Motivation in Sports

What is the achievement motivation?. According to Mc Clelland (1987: 40) understanding of achievement motivation is defined as an attempt to achieve success or to succeed in the competition with a measure of excellence that may be the achievements of others and his own accomplishments.

Lindgren (1976: 67) describes understanding of achievement motivation is as an encouragement that there is someone in connection with the achievement, ie master, manipulated and set the social environment as well as physically, to overcome all obstacles and maintain the high quality work, competing with efforts to exceed the work of the past, as well as surpass the work of others.

Another opinion about the definition of achievement motivation was stated by Santrork (2003: 103) explains that achievement motivation is a desire to get things in order to achieve a standard of success, and to make an effort in order to achieve success.

Gagne and Barliner (1975: 77) adds that achievement motivation is how well a person to strive for his achievements.

According Heckhausen (1967: 54) motif of achievement defined as efforts to improve or make personal capacity as high as possible in all activities and a measure of excellence used as comparison, although in an effort to make these activities there are two possibilities that fail or succeed. Furthermore, he explained that achievement motivation is the motive that encourages individuals to to achieve success and aim to succeed in the competition with some measure of excellence (standard of excellence). Size of excellence used to the standard of excellence achieved its own previous achievement and worthy of such a competition.
Understanding Achievement Motivation in Sports
In expectancy-value theory Atkinson (1960: 56) argues that the achievement motivation a person based on two things ie, their tendency to succeed and their tendency to avoid failure.

Basically state of motive was owned by individuals, but they have different circumstances in different situations and conditions according to their achievement.

More details Atkinson (1958: 34) argues that the success of the individual to achieve success and win the competition based on the standard of excellence, strongly associated with the type of personality that has the achievement motive higher than the motive to avoid failure and vice versa, if the motive of avoiding failure is higher than motif successful, the person tends to be low achievement motivation.

From the description it can be concluded that achievement motivation is an encouragement that relate to how to do things better, faster, more efficient compared to what has been done before, in an effort to achieve success or to succeed in the competition with a measure of excellence that can be achievement others and his own achievements.

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