The Process of Teaching and Learning Motor Skills

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The process of teaching and learning motor skills is a term familiar in the world of education, particularly physical education and health (physical education). In terms it seems there are three components that need to be understood that the process of learning, the teaching process and motion. The learning process performed by the students (learners) and the process of teaching is done by teachers (lecturers). whereas motor skills are the arable object of both the process.

Teaching and learning process can not be separated from each other. Even still many people who think that if there is a learning process there must be a process of teaching. The presumption is now actually less precise, because the essence of learning is the interaction between the individual and his environment. So long as there is a reaction of the individual to the stimulus and the environment, it can be said that individual learning. Thus, the teacher is not the only source of learning, because teachers in the learning process, only a part of the student environment. The role of the teacher in the learning process is as a manager, as described Sardiman (2001: 46) as follows:

Teaching is defined as an activity to organize or manage the environment as well as possible and connect with the child, resulting in a process of learning. Teaching is said to be an effort to create conducive conditions to ongoing learning activities for students, thus helping the optimal development of children both physically and spiritually, physically and mentally.

From these quotations, it appears that the environment is a source of student learning and teacher's task is to organize the environment and connecting with students so that learning occurs. In this case the learning environment is everything that exists outside individuals studied, including teachers, books, learning tools, and others. Thus, even though the teacher is not the only source of learning, but the presence of teachers in the learning process is important.
The Process of Teaching and Learning Motor Skills
The process of learning motor skills does not involve only physical aspects, but also involves psychological aspects. For example in order to perform motion, must first understand the concept of motion, both acquired through direct experience (seeing or observing the movement of Learning conducted by the model truly masterful directly or through audio-visual media and try to do it yourself) or indirectly (understanding the concept of movement is learned through the teacher's explanations with the help of audio-visual media without trying to do it yourself).

In relation to the process of teaching and learning motor skills, it can be stated that the object of the efforts of teaching and learning motion is motion behavior of human, so we can say the learning process of motor skills is motion behavior change due to experience and practice relatively sedentary. In the end it can be concluded that the teaching and learning process of motor skills is a deliberate attempt to change the behavior of individuals in doing the right moves.

That's article about the process of teaching and learning motor skills that can be used for physical education teachers or sports practitioners in helping students learn a skill motion. Hopefully this article can be useful and be extra knowledge in the field of physical education. Thanks.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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