The Importance of Physical Fitness To Work Productivity

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Importance of Physical Fitness To Work Productivity

The Importance of physical fitness. Physical fitness is defined as a person's ability to perform daily work efficiently without causing significant fatigue, so that they can enjoy their spare time. Physical fitness are grouped into three groups, namely: 1) Static Fitness in the sense of state of a person who is free from the disease, 2) Dynamic Fitness in the sense of the ability to work efficiently that does not require skills, such as walking, lifting, etc., and 3) Motorist Fitness in the sense of the ability to do work with high skills and efficient.

From these definitions it can be concluded that healthy people are not necessarily fit, whereas the fit should be healthy. Fitness status can be judged from the components of fitness were grouped into two groups, namely:
  1. Fitness components related to health, include: cardiopulmonary to endurance, strength and muscle endurance, flexibility, body composition.
  2. Fitness components related skills, including: speed, coordination, power, agility, and the feeling of motion.
Employees of the company are required to have a minimum of components of health-related fitness. In company with industrial employment patterns, humans will most decisive role in the whole production system. There, humans are expected to work by using the skills and knowledge, with high motivation and guided by a steady and comprehensive knowledge. To keep the work patterns thus can run smoothly, the workers need to have a fit physical condition and psychological condition is stable and steady.

Physical fitness program plays a major role in maintaining the condition. Modern business life requires a lot of stamina of the workers, because they have to work with a quick working rhythm, tight schedules and irregular, unexpected change of plans, and long working hours.
The Importance of Physical Fitness To Work Productivity
Situation and working conditions of this kind lead to job stress which resulted in various psychosomatic diseases such as peptic ulcers, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The disease requires a long healing time and cost is not small. In addition, patients also forced to miss work, so that the double loss would be suffered by employees and companies that reduced income and expenditure increases.

Besides physical fitness program will improve the fitness status, will also increase morale, prevent many diseases, relieve tension, increase confidence, constitute the soul of sportsmanship, teaches patience, happy and practice concentration.

It has long been the industry in Japan realize that. To maintain the health of employees, held events to stop working for exercise break to the accompaniment of music and performed during working hours. The State of Texas issued the Law on State employ Health Fitness and Education in 1983. The law was created with the purpose of
  1. reduce health care costs are always increasing,
  2. reducing the number of employees who are absent from work,
  3. reduce incapacity (injury) and compensation costs,
  4. improve employee morale and productivity (Haydon, 1986).


Some of the myths that often and still in the ranks of the company:

1. Physical fitness programs (sports) requires energy, work requires energy, how can physical fitness program will support the work ?.

It is where the secret of sports. The human body has a high ability to adapt to the load. Once finished doing sports, the immune system is down, but after it recovers the immune system will rise higher from previously, so with regular sports, endurance will go up gradually (like a ladder).

At work, you use a particular muscle is more dominant than the other muscle. If this continues there will be imbalance of muscle strength and flexibility. Sports guarantee the return of the balance.

2. Sports need costs, facilities, equipment, and also take some time. How exercise can save costs and increase productivity ?.

Sports range from cheap to expensive, easy to difficult. Can have the type of exercise in accordance with the conditions and situations. We like to lose $ 50, - to earn $ 150, - says the charges are out for sports purposes.

University of Toronto monitor the health condition of the two insurance companies. One company was given physical fitness program, and the other one is not. After six months it appears that at companies with a physical fitness program, the number of employees who are absent from work fell by 22%, and employees had to be replaced because of illness, reduced from 15% to 1.5%..

3. Director Companies often say "I do not need a great endurance, because I work behind a desk all day and night just to watch television." People with less physical activity will yawn in the office, feeling sleepy during the day, fell asleep after eating, fatigue for physical exertion a little more than usual (eg climbing stairs or be forced to walk fast).

In addition, people with lower fitness will be a social being crippled, too tired to play with the kids, too tired to eat outside with wife / husband, too tired to do anything other than sit behind a desk and watching television. This happens because the body is not used the situation to get worse, become inefficient lung, heart weakening, diminishing flexibility of blood vessels, muscle tension disappeared and the whole body weaken, so an easy target for various diseases.

American Association of Fitness Director in Business and Industry (AAFDBI) conducting research to prove that the employee who fit more productive, so that companies in the United States can now say that fitness programs generates high working spirit. The results of this study suggest the need for physical fitness programs at companies that provide benefits for employees, business, and industry.

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