The Game Concept in Physical Education (Definition, Objectives, Functions, and Benefits)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Game Concept in Physical Education (Definition, Objectives, Functions, and Benefits)

The Game Concept in Physical Education (Definition, Objectives, Functions, and Benefits). This article will discuss the game concept in physical education related to the growth and development of children. Discussion on the game concept start from the definition, objectives, functions and benefits of doing a game for our kids. For more details, please observe the following explanation that i collated sequentially.

Definition of The Game

The game is a physical activity that is organized with the objective to be achieved, while at play physical activity, done in the hope their excitement without any restrictions as to the game.
The game concept in Physical EducationThere are a few key points on which to base the importance of the game for a child's life are as follows: Through the game, children can get fun and freedom. Thus the game is very important and beneficial to human life, especially in times of growth and development, and to maintain the balance of life, between thoughts and feelings.

Objectives, Function and Benefits of The Game

Can be ensured that every game certainly has a objectives, functions and benefits for human life. Games that done students at the school that the teacher has a different objectives with the games carried by students at recess. The game is made by the students planned by teachers, aims to improve the skills perform basic movements in the game and to improve their physical fitness.

In this case the game serves as an educational tool. While the game is done by the students of their own volition, aiming to fill their spare time at recess. The game serves as a means for getting pleasure only or as recreation. So the objectives of the game is determined by the type of game, the place game, the time game, and the nature of the game.

Besides to eliminate fatigue of daily work and can give satisfaction and fresh taste to those who run it as recreation, games can also be in a relationship with another person. Similarly, if the game is held at the school and planned by the Physical Education teacher, then this game serves as a tool for educating students personality including (cognitive, affective, psychomotor, social, emotional).

Besides having the objectives and functions, the game also provides significant benefits for human life. Every human being has the instinct to move. Especially in children, the instinct to move which inside of the child is very large. This move instinct is usually routed through play. The movements which performed in the game is very useful for the functions of the physical and spiritual. This is explained by Pontjopoetro, et al. (1999: 1.9) as follows:
In that game the kids a lot of moves, something that has a good effect on blood circulation and respiration. Extensive enlarged breathing, chest space is enlarged to a whole department, and lung function better. All respiratory organs be trained, the heart becomes stronger to pump blood needed throughout the body. Because these exercises, the organs will function better and in turn will lead to physical fitness and health.
Azis (2000: 1:24), expressed his opinion about the influence of games for children, there are a lot of influence for children which always perform physical activities or games, among which is the development in motor skills, mental development, the balance of the physiology of the body such as the heart, lungs , academic development, and others.

Accordingly, the games are beneficial to improving the function of our organs, including children, so beneficial to the improvement of physical fitness and health. In addition, the game also be useful for education. Many education experts have suggested that the game was becoming a major educational tool to guide the growth of the physical and spiritual students. Usability / benefits of the game according to Pontjopoetro, et al. (1999: 1:12) is as follows:
  1. The game is an important tool to grow the social nature to live in a society, because by playing, children can get to know a variety of rules and kinds of behavior.
  2. The game is a tool to develop a fantasy, talent, and creation.
  3. The game can bring a wide range of feelings, including feelings of pleasure in doing the game.
  4. The game together can cultivate a sense of responsibility and discipline because the child must obey the rules
In the game of the group opposing groups, in the child will arise a sense of unity, a sense of cooperation because they feel camaraderie among the group, a sense of responsibility towards others, upholding the rights of others, cooperation for a common goal, put aside personal interests for the interests of many people.

In the game that is a match, the nature of sportsmanship and fair play in the child will be increased by upholding the rules, even if the laws are not written. Sense of sportsmanship will be seen also with the attitude to accept defeat or victory with a sincere and satisfied, and did not feel vengeful and arrogant.

Another benefit of the game is for one's personal development. Because the play is a life event which very popular with both children and adults, then through an assortment of activities engaged in a game, the functions of psychiatric and personality can be developed, such as mental balance, speed thinking processes, concentration, intimacy hang out, leadership, and much more.

That is the explanation of the definition, objectives, functions and benefits of the game for our kids. Do not let the characteristics of children ages play obstructed and constrained by our reason can not be bothered to guide him. Hopefully this article can be useful to the reader as well. Thanks.