The Benefits of Walking and Swimming For Health

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Benefits of Walking and Swimming For Health

The Benefits of Walking and Swimming For Health. Physical activity, walking and swimming is a form of sport that is included on the type of health sport that is the type of sport that aims to gain health. Either healthy physically, spiritually and socially.

The Benefits of Walking for Health

Walking is a light sports that can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. In addition to not need any special expertise, walking is also no need to use the equipment or particular sports clothing exorbitant price. Only to capitalize lightweight sports shoes, plus comfortable clothing during use, walking exercise can be done.

In accordance with the general characteristics of health sports, that sports healthy walk can be done by a lot of people (mass), easily done by anyone, does not require expensive (cheap), always gives pleasure to those who do (festive), have a positive impact body (useful), as well as the very minimal risk factor for injury to the body (secure).
Although the sport of healthy walk very cheap, but the resulting benefits are very remarkable. As for the some of the benefits resulting from healthy walk is routinely conducted as follows:
  1. Strengthen the heart
  2. Reduce the risk of various diseases
  3. preventing osteoporosis
  4. Increasing levels of vitamin D
  5. Strengthen leg muscles

The Benefits of Swimming for Health


Swimming has health benefits for the body, including the :

Cardio Fitness

Swimming sport also functions to train the strength of the heart, Swimming helps circulation when the heart pumps blood and sent it to all parts of the body. This sport is a type of aerobic sport, to train the cardiovascular. A research has shown that people who regularly exercise pool for 12 weeks had an increase in the amount of blood pumped / stroke volume by 18%.

Shaping and Strengthen Muscles

Benefits of swimming, the body is, strengthen the triceps muscles, if you do not know what the triceps muscle. triceps muscle is a muscle located at the back of the arm. Increased triceps muscle mass could reach 23.8% when regularly swim in eight weeks or more.

Train Balance and Flexibility

With swimming, flexibility leg and arm muscles are trained, you can try some stroke with the risk is not too high compared to other sports. The balance is also the benefit gained from regular exercise. People who regularly swim will definitely have a better balance than people who do not swim.

Reducing the Risk of Asthma

Benefits of swimming for the body is to reduce the risk of asthma, this is because swimming was very helpful in practicing breathing so that the lungs become healthier and more regularly in breathing.

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