The Benefits of Aerobic Endurance in Sports

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Benefits of Aerobic Endurance in Sports

Endurance has several benefits for us during the doing sports. How long we able to physical activity was determined by the level of endurance or our body's ability to work in a long time. In endurance there are various levels which will be described in this article.

We will discuss the first is about the benefits of aerobic endurance. Knowledge about the benefits of aerobic endurance is required in order to exercise or sports we do have a positive effect in our body. Here are the benefits of aerobic endurance is closely related to the cardiorespiratory system (heart and lungs) and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) revealed by Brittenham (1998: 2).

According Brittenham (1998: 2) trained cardiorespiratory system is able to withstand low intensity effort for a long time because it can take a lot of oxygen, oxygen and use it as an energy source in overtime.
aerobic endurance
The positive effects obtained on the cardiovascular system, aerobic endurance has an advantage:
  1. Increasing the size and strength of the heart, allowing the organ pumping more blood each beat and more rest time between pulsations may save 10,000 to 40,000 pulsations day.
  2. Increasing the size and flexibility of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.
  3. Increased blood supply, including a rise in hemoglobin and blood plasma exhaust systems that facilitate the remnants of metabolism and deliver more blood to meet the muscles and other tissues, reduces and build endurance.
  4. The creation of a new network of blood vessels and capillaries in the heart of the skeletal muscles, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body.
That's the benefit obtained when we have the quality of a good aerobic endurance. The positive effects obtained affect the quality of cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular system.

The second discussion was about the kinds of aerobic endurance. To get good performance when doing sport is dependent on the level of aerobic endurance. Each activity has the characteristics of endurance sports are different, so we must have kinds of knowledge about aerobic endurance appropriate to the characteristics of the sport that we used to do. Here is a kinds of aerobic endurance.

Various kinds of aerobic endurance

  1. General Endurance (basic endurance) is the endurance ability of a person to fight fatigue arising from the training load, low and medium intensity.
  2. Local muscular endurance (speed endurance) is the endurance ability of a person to fight fatigue arising from training load, sub-maximal intensity. Local muscles play a role in endurance this process. Local muscle endurance combinations occur anaerobic and aerobic processes.
  3. Special endurance or sprinting endurance is the ability of one's resistance against fatigue arising from training load, maximum intensity.
  4. Stamina is the ability to resist fatigue within a certain time limit, the activities carried out with a high intensity (high tempo, high frequency, and always use power). Stamina is an aerobic and anaerobic processes within certain time limits according to the type of sport. The combination of the three endurance is stamina.
By knowing the kinds of aerobic endurance, we can implement a form of sport or exercise that suits our purpose in doing the sport, whether it's purpose is to get a general endurance, local muscular endurance (speed endurance), special endurance or sprinting endurance or stamina.

That article about the benefits of aerobic endurance in sports. Hopefully this article can be useful and add to our knowledge in the doing sports in accordance with the guidelines. Do not forget to look at other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.