Tactical or Game Approach in Learning Techniques Skills in Physical Education

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tactical or Game Approach in Learning Techniques Skills in Physical Education

Tactical or Game Approach in Learning Techniques Skills in Physical Education. Tactical approach is one approach that can be applied in teaching technique skills, which is at once its application in actual game situations. Tactical approach emphasizes how students understand the concept of playing tactics, while increasing and developing the techniques skills.

The purpose tactical approach in game teaching is to raise awareness of students understand the concept of playing through the application of techniques appropriate to the problem or the situation in the game.

Tactical approach in the learning process can improve:
a) the ability of student mastery play through linkages between tactics with game development
b) give pleasure to students through a variety of activities
c) easier for students to solve problems and make decisions quickly and accurately in play

By applying a tactical approach, a teacher can teach technique skills in an integrated manner with the tactics of playing the actual sports games. For example teaches stop passing may be integrated with the tactics of playing in actual football games.

Through learning this way, students will be able to understand and be able to do sport games technique that he learned, the students will understand and be able to determine appropriate tactics in play so that he knows when to perform the technique in accordance with the playing tactics chosen. Or in other words, students will be able to apply the technique to exactly fit the situation in the game.

In fact at the school, learning approach applied in sports games in general oriented technique skills. Such an approach would only emphasize the aspects of the mastery of technique.
Tactical or Game Approach in Learning Techniques Skills in Physical Education
For example in a football teaching, students are exposed to frequent practice tasks repeatedly stop passing techniques and so forth, in order that the automation of motion is achieved. If only for the interests of the mastery of technique, this approach is certainly not wrong, but for the interests of applying and combining rapid technique according to the game situation will not be achieved. Usually the students feel that the exercise is repeated in spite of the atmosphere of playing actually boring and not in accordance with reality when doing the actual game.

By applying a tactical approach in learning sports games, allowing students to learn in a play situation, so that students will have fun while he followed the technique skills teaching and learning process, and he can apply the techniques that he learned in playing the actual situation. The pleasure gained through playing can be a motif that enhance the spirit of learning..

In a situation of playing real football, usually students are exposed to quick decisions and precise. For example, what to do when given the ball by a friend, or when the ball rolled toward him in front, side, rear or top. Such a situation may stimulate and increase cognitive abilities of students. This requires the student is able to solve the problem. Thus, the process of learning to use the tactical approach involves a deep understanding and appreciation of the situation of the game.

In doing a game, of course, the players demanded to be able to use the skills, the ability, knowledge and others, that obtained from an experience and practice into another new situation. The transfer of skills in the process of teaching the game will happen if the new game similar to the game that has been owned. Therefore, one focus of a tactical approach is to help students to be able to redirect the understanding of one type of game play to another game.

Tactical approach can be applied in teaching sports games because through activities similar to the real game, the interest and excitement of students will be increased. In addition, students who have low technique ability will be motivated to want to do learning activities because this approach does not emphasize on technique skills, but rather the development of tactics or problem solving.

Deepening understanding of the play, will improve the ability of understanding divert more effectively, from appearances in one game into another game and can improve the ability to adapt to new situations and activities.

That article about a Tactical or Game Approach in Learning Skills Techniques in Physical Education when used by physical education teachers with the concept of the curriculum at this time. Hopefully this article can be useful to the reader as well. Thank you.