Physical Fitness Program Molis and Fitt

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Physical Fitness Program Molis and Fitt

Physical Fitness Program Molis and Fitt. Many options for the type of physical fitness program for example in the form of games such as tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc. It could also be shaped with different types of exercises, or maybe just run or walk together. Whatever the form of the program, basically requires three basic movements are often shortened with MOLIS (Move-Lift-Stretch).

1. Move is a continuous-rhythmic motion, using the large muscles of the body both upper and lower limbs, basic movements include among others walk, run, jump, skip and so forth. Type this motion aims to improve cardiorespiratory endurance and improve body composition in terms of reducing body fat. The main fuel of this motion is fat.

2. Lift is a motion against the load, both the load body weight alone or external loads such as Dumbledore, or partner. Type this motion aims to train both muscle strength, endurance, establishment, and tightening.

3. Stretch is the motion of the joints stretch and extend muscle, can be done in a static or dynamic. Type this motion aims to train joint flexibility and muscle tone, so that the resulting high mobility exercise. On the basis of the motion of all the components of fitness to be trained, so that will increase the fitness status.
Physical Fitness Program Molis and Fitt
Besides the concept MOLIS also argued the concept of FITT (Frequency-Intensity-Time-Type) related to dose / dosage of exercise.

1. Frequency is the number of units per unit time exercise to improve fitness. Required training with a frequency of 3-5 times per week with adequate rest intervals.

2. Intensity indicates the degree of the quality of training. Aerobic exercise intensity is measured by the increase in heart rate (exercise to increase cardiorespiratory endurance is at an intensity of 70% -85% maximum heart rate). Maximum heart rate can be roughly calculated using the formula 220-age. The intensity is intended to burn fat is determined lower at 60% -75%. Exercises for the muscles is measured in force / set.

3. Time or duration is long each workout session. To improve your fitness is recommended to practice for 20-60 minutes in the target intensity exercise. The results of the exercise will be visible after 8-12 weeks, and will be stable after 20 weeks. To maintain the recommended fitness regular motion (walking, sweep) for a cumulative 60 minutes and gasping motion a cumulative 20 minutes a day.

4. Type or type of training. Not all types of motion / model suitable exercises to improve all components of fitness but need to be adapted to the purpose of the exercise, such as exercise to improve cardiorespiratory endurance and body composition, selected the type of exercise with continuous motion, rhythmically. To train the muscles can have the type of exercise against a load, for example, practicing with Dumbledore, isometric exercises, Isokinetic, and isotonic. Stretching (expenditure / stretch) is the right exercise to improve joint function.

Both of the above concept should be done by following the principle of training. Included in the principle of training is
  1. Overload (excessive load) is applied above the threshold loading ability, in the sense of forcing the muscles to work a little harder.
  2. Specifity (specificity of exercise), the choice of exercise in accordance with the purpose of the exercise.
  3. Reversible (back origin), which means the results of the exercise will be gradually reduced or even disappear altogether if the exercise is irregular and unsustainable. Fitness levels will be reduced by 50% after 4-12 weeks did not practice, and will lose 100% after 30 weeks.
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