Conceptual Understanding of Endurance in Sport

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Conceptual Understanding of Endurance in Sport

Conceptual Understanding of Endurance in Sport. Lots of sportsman trying to get and improve the quality of their endurance, with perform a variety of physical activities and sports. Endurance that intended in sports is cardiovascular endurance also called heart and lung endurance.

Besides cardiovascular endurance, there are also muscular endurance. To obtain an improvement of endurance, it is necessary to exercise programmed and in accordance with the rules of training. Before going further we discuss about endurance, it is good we know the definition of endurance.

By knowing definition of endurance, we can determine what kind of sport or exercise can increase our endurance.

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Definition of Cardiovascular Endurance

Endurance is the body's ability to perform activities or work for a long time without experiencing significant fatigue and ready to re-run activity to the next morning. From that definition of endurance, it is clear that, in order we can work optimally and be more productive, then our bodies are required to have the ability to work in a long time and did not feel tired very heavy. 

Lots of government and private institutions now that are already open and carry out various activities such as events physical activity, in order to improve the quality of work of employees. The good quality of work of employees it will have an impact also on the progress of these institutions, with presence of these relationships then importance of physical fitness components of this one is Endurance.
cardiovascular endurance
Already conscious people on the importance of physical activity or sport for the continuity of his work, then a lot of the various events held which is not to improve the quality, durability culprit. Already the amount of sport performed by the society, proving that sport provides benefits in all aspects of life of people who do.

Once we know about the meaning and importance of some facts about the endurance to support our daily activities, then how the heck the right way to improve our endurance ?, who are not Athletes that already offered a training program by coach.  

Factors Affecting Endurance

  1. Genetically, the predominant type of muscle fibers that are kind of slow twitch muscles fibers (red muscle fiber types or slow muscle) and hemoglobin (Hb)
  2. Age, cardiovascular endurance increases and reaches a maximum at the age of 20-30 years and thereafter will decrease. 
  3. Gender, until the age of puberty there is no difference in endurance between men with the women and then women's their ability lower.
  4. Physical activity, rest in bed for three weeks can reduce cardiovascular endurance capabilities.

Various Forms of Exercises To Improve Endurance

Actually, a lot of forms of exercise or physical activity to improve endurance. Starting for the Athletes and Non-Athletes. We can also use a form of exercise that is commonly used by several athletes, but the intensity and frequency adapted to our capabilities. To get a good effect, the activities carried out at least 3 times a week.

Below are some exercises that can increase endurance :

Continues Running

Continues running can be done in two ways:
a. With low intensity training 70-80% from MHR (maximum heart rate)
b. With high intensity training 80-90% from MHR (maximum heart rate)

Conducting Procedure of Continues Running
Continues Running
a. Counting maximum heart rate (MHR), the formula is 220-age
b. Determines the running speed with the tempo of his running between 70-80% (low intensity) and 80-90% (high intensity) of MHR.
c. After that do a run for approximately 30 minutes while maintaining a tempo run 70-80% (low intensity) and 80-90% (high intensity) of MHR.


Fartlek or speedplay is running exercise in outdoors for 1 to 3 hours. Athletes can set his own tempo runs, fast or slow.

Interval Training

Next is interval training. This exercise is filled with physical activity could be several rounds of sprints interspersed with rest. Terms of do interval training with running activities are:

a. The duration of training related to distance running
b. Load or intensity of exercise (running speed)
c. Repetition
d. The rest period (recovery interval) after each repetition exercises

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