Character Values in Sport and Physical Education

Friday, February 10, 2017

Character Values in Sport and Physical Education

Character values in sport and physical education. In this article we will discuss about the character values which contained in sports and physical education. According to Hodge (Gould, 2003: 533), most people seem to believe that participating in a physical activity program develop the characters automatically, improving moral reasons, and teaching the value from the characteristics of a true sportsman, but little evidence that it all build character.

Participation in physical education and sport does not automatically produce a good or a bad person. Character does not come by itself, but is taught in physical education and sport programs, teaching moral reasons and values that sport,  involves the use of certain systematic strategy.

How is correlation between the characters and sports?. Has become a common belief that sports activities with the requisite character values such as honesty, sportivity, discipline, and leadership.

Weinberg and Gould (2003: 527) says that the character is a concept of morality, which is composed of a number of characteristics that can be formed through sports activities, among others: compassion, fairness, sportpersonship, integrity.
Character Values in Sport and Physical Education
All values are inculcated through obedience or adherence someone in the competition in accordance with rules of the game apply to the sport practiced. In the rules of the game, the inherent spirit of fairness and honesty demands of sports people when running games.

There is a phrase that has become a conviction history from time to time: Sport build character (Maksum, 2005; 2002). Kofi Anan, ex UN Secretary-General had stated: Sport teaches life skill - sport remains the best school of life (United Nation, 2003).

United Nations through Task force on Sport for Development and Peace states that sport is an effective instrument to educate young people, especially in terms of values.

Since 2000, the United Nations developed a program called Young Education through Sport, a model of sport and education program for young people. As a pilot project, this program has been carried out in Zimbabwe, covers 10 provinces with 25 thousand participants (United Nations, 2003).

Well that an article about character values in sport and physical education. Hopefully we can apply all the values in sport and physical education to shape students' character for the better. Thank you