Achievement Motivation Relationship with Physical Education Learning Outcomes

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Achievement Motivation Relationship with Physical Education Learning Outcomes

Achievement Motivation Relationship with Physical Education Learning Outcomestasi. Motivation is very closely related to ability, so people say there is an ability that is contained in the person that is motivated. According to Staton in Soedibyo (1989: 19) motivation is defined as booster or driving, which conditions the individual and further directed to achieve the objectives.

A person will only learn if he has a willingness to learn. Their willingness to learn shows that these individuals have the motivation to learn. Results of research Lloyd and Archer (1977: 70) reported that there is a positive and significant correlation between achievement motivation and learning outcomes.
Achievement Motivation Relationship with Physical Education Learning Outcomestasi
Singer (1986: 26-27) says that the level of personal motivation will determine the choice to do, how the intensity he did, and how heavy it does business or level of performance every time.

Someone who has the achievement motivation will be an activity better, more efficient, faster, and more vibrant and responsible. According to Straub (1989: 38) achievement = learn + motivation. This means that to achieve good learning achievment, exercise factor is mandatory and must be done by the students. But exercise without motivation, the result will be stalled and the process will be long. Instead motivation without exercise is not possible because everything will not be targeted.

Boocock (1968: 74) argues that achievement motivation is a person's tendency to react to situations, to achieve an achievement that is shown in the form of behavior. Achievement motivation is the motive that drives someone to race with the qualities of other people and own good qualities.

Achievement Motivation relationship with Physical Education Learning Outcomes

The essence of physical education is a process learn to move and learn through movement. Physical education program seeks to help students to use his body more efficient in performing a variety of basic motor skills and complex skills are required in daily life.

Physical education teacher should provide successful experience for every child, because the successful experience is a source of motivation. Motivation is the willingness of a person to choose, directing and strengthen behaviors in achieving the objectives.

Someone who has the achievement motivation would do something with a strong willingness to advance, leading to a standard of excellence, like to compete, have the high spirit, believe in their ability, do not like to waste time, and learn be regarded as a path to ideals.

Achievement motivation encourage someone was racing with excellence, both own superiority and qualities of other people, and encourage people to actively participate in a physical activity.

The involvement of students in each motion task, besides encouraged to express her abilities, also to gain experience successfully. Because it was an attempt to raise student motivation is give to the students to experience successfully.

Thus the motion tasks are also adjusted to the ability of students, so that students will be motivated to show its best performance, related to the implementation of the tasks of motion in physical activity. 

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