10 Benefits of Sports For Body

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

10 Benefits of Sports For Body

10 Benefits of Sports for Body. Sports will provide benefits to the body according to the type, duration, and intensity of exercise performed. In general, any sport you play regularly at sufficient dosage and adequate time will provide the following benefits:

1. Sports benefits for the heart. Heart will grow big and strong, so that a large capacity and pulsed. Both of these will increase the efficiency of the heart. With high working efficiency, heart do not beating too often. In people who do not exercise, the heart rate average of 80 times per minute, being in people who do regular exercise, heart rate average of 60 times per minute, resulting in a single minute saved 20 pulsations, in an hour saved 1200 pulsation and in one day 28,800 pulsations. Thus the heart becomes durable and we can expect to live longer, more productive.

2. Sports benefits on blood vessels. Increases elasticity of blood vessels due to reduced fat and adding muscle contractility in the walls of blood vessels. High elasticity of blood vessels going to the smooth running of the blood and prevent the onset of hypertension. Besides increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, capillary blood vessels will increase. Coronary heart disease can be prevented or resolved by this mechanism. Blood flow will also accelerate the disposal of these substances as tired as the rest of the combustion, so it can be expected a rapid recovery.

3. Sports benefits for the lungs. Lung elasticity will be increased, so that the grown-flat capability also increases. In addition the number of alveoli active (open) will increase with regular exercise. Both of the above causes the storage capacity and the delivery of oxygen to the blood increases. Breathing increases in the frequency of the low. Together with the benefits on the heart and blood vessels, three are responsible for the delay fatigue.

4. Sports benefits on muscle. Strength, flexibility, and muscle to endurance will increase. This is caused by increasing the amount of muscle fibers and increasing the energy supply system in muscles. Moreover changes in these muscles will support the motion agility, reaction speed and others, so that in many cases of workplace accidents can be avoided.

5. Sports benefits for bone. The addition of enzyme activity in the bone will increase the strength, density, and size of the bone, in addition to preventing bone loss. Bone surfaces will also become stronger with the pull of the muscles continuously.

6. Sports benefits on ligament and tendon. Ligament and tendon strength will increase, as well as the attachment of the tendon to the bone. This situation makes the ligament and tendon able to withstand heavy and not easily injured.

7. Sports benefits on the joints and cartilage. Regular exercise can lead to increased thickness of the cartilage in the joints, so it can be a shock absorber and protects the bones and joints of the danger of injury.

8. The benefits of sports on acclimatization to heat. Acclimatization to heat involves physiological adjustments that allow us stand working in hot areas. The increase acclimatization to heat is due at the time of exercise, there is also a rise in body heat and skin. The same situation is going to happen when we work in a hot place.

9. sports benefits for the brain. With exercise, the thicker the myelin that conduction of nerve impulses to be faster. Besides, it will come out well neurotropin that stimulate neurotransmitters in the synapse so that the reaction will be swift and precise, and so too will quickly and appropriately solve the problem.

10. Psychological changes. Through the mechanism of fisiopsikologis, exercise can increase your sense of achievement, relieve tension, constitute the soul of sportsmanship, teaches patience, happy and practice concentration. This situation is fisiopsikologis caused by increased levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine, as well as the blood supply to the brain. Spending salt through sweat during berolahragadiduga will improve the mood. More than that exercise will make you sleep better, which can reduce psychiatric problems.
10 Benefits of Sports For Body
That's 10 benefits of sport for the body which is very useful for the development of our body. Let us not miss the sport in our daily lives, because very large benefits to every element in our bodies. So this article may be useful for the reader as well. Do not forget to look at other interesting articles on this website. Thanks.