Understanding Flexibility Concept and How to Improve it

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Understanding Flexibility Concept and How to Improve it

Flexibility Concept. Greetings readers, Continuing my previous post about the components of physical fitness, few time ago already explained about the strength. Now we move on to the next component of physical fitness is flexibility. We will discuss the flexibility begin with understanding flexibility, how to improve the flexibility, and flexibility exercise.

A. Understanding Flexibility

Flexibility is part of the physical fitness component that keeps the movement more effective and efficient, does not look stiff and easier for us to perform daily activities. The better the quality the flexibility of a person, then the energy expended by the body to move more efficiently.

Many experts define concerning this flexibility, which are ability the joint space to stretch to the maximum supported by the quality of the joints, ligaments and tendons and muscles around the joints. To train the flexibility of our bodies, requires practice day by day or every day.

B. How to Increase Flexibility?

To increase flexibility, stretching exercises done with which are

1. Static Stretching
Static stretching performed by individuals themselves with the characteristics of movement no stretch reflex, just pulled and pushed movements.
static stretching
2. Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic stretching performed by the individual himself with the characteristics of the movement of the swing and there is stretch reflexes due to the swing motion.
dynamic stretching
3. Passive Stretching
Passive stretching performed with the help of another person to maximize the stretch.
Passive Stretching
4. PNF (contraction before relaxation)
PNF stretching is still assisted by others, but the difference with passive stretch is their first contraction in the opposite direction, from the encouragement of others who helped before in the stretch.
PNF (contraction before relaxation)
Well that the article on the concept of flexibility in the sport and how to improve. May be useful for the reader as well. thanks.