The Concept of Physical Fitness and How to Improve it

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Concept of Physical Fitness and How to Improve it

The Concept of physical fitness and how to improve it. This post we will try to discuss about physical fitness. What the heck is mean of physical fitness? What are the components of physical fitness? How to improve our physical fitness? And what do we have a good level of physical fitness?. Some of these questions are very fundamentally about the fitness of our body.

Lots of people want to have a good quality of physical fitness, so that they perform a variety of physical activity by reason want to get fit. The fitness will not be able to easily and quick, it takes patience to do physical exercise to achieve the level of fitness that is very nice. 

As an athlete who continues to exercise a week could reach 6 times the exercise, the aim is to increase their physical fitness to the maximum level so that they can achieve maximum achievement. Well how our aim is not to achieve such feats as athletes, we can still improve our physical fitness with the aim to support the activities of our lives such as work and other things. How come? Is physical fitness related with the activity of our lives ?.

Physical FitnessA. Understanding Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the body's ability to work in a long time without experiencing significant fatigue and ready to do the activity back to the next morning. From the definition of the physical fitness, we can connect with our daily activities. The better level of physical fitness then the longer we are able to work optimally without any loss of quality of our work.

B. Components of Physical Fitness

There is a component inside of physical fitness, physical fitness components which are strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, explosive power, coordination, balance, reaction speed. How to improve the physical fitness of each component will be described in subsequent postings

C. Ways to Increase Physical Fitness

One of the ways to improve our physical fitness is to do regular exercise at least 3 times a week to get improvement of our fitness quality. Recommended sport is aerobic exercise does require continuous oxygen supply so that the body is trained to continue working with the oxygen input smoothly. Aerobic exercise is not just aerobics gymnastic that mostly done in various places, but also many other aerobic exercise to increase our physical fitness such as long-distance cycling, long distance jogging .

Aerobic sports have these characteristics: 
1. The intensity is low and constant 
2. Do a long time about 1-2 hours 
3. Not get tired quickly 
4. The energy used on our glycogen that broken down by oxygen 
5. Muscle fibers used is red muscle fibers
6. Oxygen supply continuously.

People who have a fitness was certainly healthy but not necessarily a healthy person has a gym. Well that's what we should think, know the importance of fitness. The fit can work longer, more effective and more productive. There are so many government agencies that conduct aerobic exercise with the aim to improve the fitness of their employees.

So the concept of physical fitness and how to improve it, may be useful for you guys. Thanks for coming and read this article.