Coaching and Sport Science

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Coaching and Sport Science

Coaching and Sport Sciences are the two things are related. As in any other field, there are two sides to help each other. In the field of aeronautics and space, for example there is an astronomer and astronaut. Astronomer is a scientist who conducts research and advance knowledge in the world of aeronautics and space, an astronomer will not set off into space, but examining the data obtained and studied to produce new facts to advance the fieldthat is aeronautics and space. While an astronaut is the perpetrator who explore and practice all kinds of science that have been revealed through research astronomers and astronauts who went into space to prove the theories

The exposure in the above paragraph is similar to coaching and sports science. Two sides who promote the sport becomes more advanced. It is important for a coach to be more open to the scientific discoveries on the science of the sport discovered by the researchers of sports, this attitude is what called the scientific coaches. However, it does not mean that the coach is expected to become a scientist.

In sports that is in charge researching there is sports physiologists, biomechanics expert, sports psychology expert and others connected with the progress of sports. The sports scientist responsible for developing and integrating scientific knowledge related to sports people and his performance when exercising. After getting the results of research, the scientists must immediately pass through seminars or other scientific forums in a language that is easily understood.

Coaching and Sport ScienceThe coach is a professional whose job helps athletes and sports teams to improve the appearance. Because training is a profession, coaches are expected to provide services in accordance with the standard / size of existing professionals. One of the standards of the profession is to provide knowledge in accordance with the latest developments regarding the occupied areas.

So it's important to be pro active coach digest the results of research conducted by scientists sports to optimize performance, ensure safety and improve the potential in themselves athletes. The trainer must regularly adapt to the latest developments and change its training practices.

Changes coaches become like those described above, could occur if a coach has two things below:
  1. Have an understanding that the train should be coupled between science and experience, understand that trains must with science while science is dynamic that develops over time.
  2. Always seeking new knowledge from various sources and digest it so that it can be applied to athletes who cultivated.
That association between coaching and sports science, which are mutually supportive to promote the sport become more advanced so they can achieve in national and international arena.

So short post this time may be useful, for coaches who still 100% using first experience as a science training for their students right now, try to begin to open hearts and minds to receive new knowledge about how to train branch olahrag practiced. What good is knowledge and experience combine so that formed the character of the ideal coach and fit the needs of his time.