Burn Calories and Fat with HIIT 7 Minute Workout (High Intensity Interval Training) Concepts and Examples Movement

Friday, January 27, 2017

Burn Calories and Fat with HIIT 7 Minute Workout (High Intensity Interval Training) Concepts and Examples Movement

Hello, this post we try to discuss the phenomenon of training methods to burn a lot of calories in our body that is being done or loved by the community sports today. The training method is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is a high-intensity exercise alternated with rest periods.

Intensity is the severity of an activity. The Characterize of high-intensity exercise is the rapid onset of rapid onset of fatigue or accumulation of lactic acid (lactate acid). The lactic acid will arise when our muscles contract continuously without stopping for approximately 0 to 10 seconds, as a result of energy use ready-made process that is in our muscle ATP-PC. When the lactic acid already appears it will disturb muscle contractions so that your muscles feel heavy to move. Lactic acid can be described by inhaling oxygen lot to be recycled into energy back.

A. Understanding HIIT Workouts

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a training method to get the afterburn effect, so your body will continue to burn calories for approximately 2 hours after doing this HIIT workouts. HIIT has certain characteristics in doing so.

B. Characteristics of HIIT Workouts

Some characteristics of HIIT are:
  1. High intensity
  2. Rapid onset of fatigue
  3. Movement made powerful and fast or explosive
  4. A short rest time between repeated movement
  5. Time not too long movement of about 30 seconds
  6. When the motion still breathing oxygen (do not hold your breath)

Those are some characteristics of HIIT method, the method is a procedure of doing things. While the form of training depending on the needs of the physical components in accordance sports or a desire to cultivate part of the body to be formed. The exercise by this method is actually to help form the foundation of our active locomotor, the higher the muscle mass muscle power will get stronger. In accordance with the characteristics of HIIT above that the movements made explosive character that are required to have good power.

C. HIIT 7 Minute Workouts

Below, will be exemplified some HIIT movements from various sources:
1. Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks
2. Push Up 30 seconds
push ups

3. Crunch 30 seconds

4. Step Up on To Chair 30 seconds

Step Up on To Chair
5. Triceps Dip on Chair 30 seconds

Triceps Dip on Chair
6. Lunge 30 seconds

7. Plank 30 seconds

8. Wall Sit 30 seconds
Wall Sit

9. Superman 30 seconds

10. Righ Side Plank 30 seconds
Righ Side Plank

11. Left Side Plank 30 seconds
Left Side Plank
12. High Knees Running in Places 30 seconds
High Knees Running in Places
13. Flutter Kicks 30 seconds
Flutter Kicks
14. Heel Touch 30 seconds
Heel Touch

HIIT 7 Minute Workout Video
Among the movement are given rest 10-15 seconds. All circuits of this movement depends on the ability of your body to do so. Suppose when you first do only one repetition strong enough yes one time only on that day. To obtain maximum results, a minimum of one week you do 3 repetitions when you are beginning your doing. Once your body can adapt, repetition can be added could be a day or two repetitions morning and afternoon.

So posts on how to burn calories and fat with a 7-minute HIIT workout, may be useful. thank you